Stuff to Take with You on the Road

I installed the GM 2006-12 unit in my 2006 Impala. It has a ton of features, but not all are executed very well. Let me know if you have any questions.

The Good:
-Micro SD card for MP3s and Movies
-Plays CD, DVDs, and Data discs (MP3s)
-Bluetooth (for phone calls or music transfer)
-Rearview Camera (cam not included)
-Big screen with decent picture
-Lost of input/output options (ipod, video, aux, usb, etc)
-Fits nicely and looks good in car

The Bad:
-Navigation map is outdated, takes weird routes, and would be costly to update (only use as a backup not primary GPS device)
-Touchscreen is not very responsive and can be sluggish
-User Interface is very bland and not easy to navigate while driving (radio is fine, but browsing SD card is tricky) Small complaints like clock doesn’t show while playing MP3s from the SD card.
-Requires extra components to fully integrate with car (warning chimes and steering wheel controls)
-No installation instructions included, just a basic wiring diagram

I have to agree with bsmith. I bought the one for Ford and installed it in a '06 F-150 and run into the same problems.
Also my GPS will not load. It is stuck on GPS loading screen and nothing i do will fix it. I has reset it, unplugged it, and removed the GPS card and reinserted it. If any one from Metra is keeping an eye of this, any help would be great.

Also bought one on a prior route.
Retrofitted it into my 2007 Jeep Liberty (oval radio style, NOT the 2008+ square style.) Took some engineering but it worked out nicely. Same comments about the pros and cons as already stated. Also not happy that you can’t disable the SUB output so since I haven’t gotten around to installing those my sound quality is poor due to lack of bass. I’ll be hooking up several cameras to it for various views especially while I’m towing, which is part of the reason I chose this unit in the first place… it has an INSANE number of inputs and outputs so the flexibility is substantial.

Overall for the price it was worth it though.

Regarding “lack of bass”. Try turning the “loud” option on. (assuming your model has it too) The only way to access this option is via the remote control. Look for a “loud” button (mine is on top of the remote) and press and HOLD it while listening to the radio. You should see “loud” display somewhere on screen when it is turned on. I didn’t think the button did anything at first, then I discovered I had to hold it for a moment.
I found that this helped the bass levels tremendously.

Tried that many times… no “tremendous” benefit unfortunately.