Stuff you really wanted, but didn't get

Rather random assortment of stuff but maybe there’s a few things you would like to buy with your Christmas money.

Can the Forerunner give a readout of your actual position, ie, latitude and longitude?

“Stuff you really wanted, but didn’t get”

That would be basically everything on my list.

I just got this for christmas, and as far as I can tell: No. It is pretty much strictly for tracking exercise, particularly running, but it works for other applications as well.

I can point you in the direction of a coordinate you have loaded onto the device, and run you on a course you have loaded onto it too, by leading you on a series of points.

Also you can track just about anything gps wise and look at it on a map later, if that sort of thing suits you. I believe you can find cheaper gps units if all you want is coordinates.

The Garmin 410 is $20 or so cheaper than last time. I’ve been eying these for a bit and the price on Amazon just skyrocketed from $149 to the $180 range for new ones. Refurbs around $170 and ‘like-new’ from Amazon warehouse for $140.

Edit back to $150 on Amazon for new

What I was going to say:

“Is there ANY useful information out there about the sunglasses? Maybe it’s just my browsing history distorting my search results, but all I’m getting is pages and pages of links to Woot!, Deal-A-Day, and a slew of other sites, rather than anything resembling a manufacturer’s website or a review.”

But then I found a review on YouTube! It looks like they’re standard video sunglasses made by some no-name company that then sells them to other companies along with branding rights (which is why it was nearly impossible to find exactly these sunglasses on the internet). Here’s the review I found, by a guy that was looking to replace his action camera with a new POV camera for his POV gun videos.


I ran with my 410 today for the first time, so far I really like it. Just got to remember to lock the bezel, it gets kinda sensitive and I managed to pause the timer a couple of times by accident.

Not to happy with the quality, they are nice sunglasses but the video is terrible in low light and is really bad with motion blur.

Don’t recommend and would not buy again, sorry