Stuffed Elephant - Fully Fluffed

Stuffed Elephant - Fully Fluffed

I would not consider 13" giant for a stuffed animal.


Came here to say exactly that: 17 x 13 x 7.5 inches isn’t even particularly large, much less giant.


Nope. Not giant. Little bit on the less than pillow size. But REAL soft and cute. I had a promo code, so I think its worth the 14.95 I paid. We can give him to my not yet born grandson for his first stuffed toy. Roll Tide.

So I bought this from Walmart for half the price, I still think it wasn’t worth it. While it is cute I can confirm that it is not giant. It is also very poorly built. The stitching has come apart and I have had to sew it in more than one place. It doesn’t have much character, is not good for even light play and it is overpriced, especially here.

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Got mine today. Normal sized stuffed animal. Came in a 8 x 10 inch padded envelope. Disappointed for $20. Definitely not a $50 toy. Not worth the money.

Thank you for the feedback. We’ve removed “Giant” from the title.

Agree elephant is cute, but clearly not worth the price. Size was definitely misrepresented. Will be checking future Woot preducts’ descriptions for accuracy before any purchase.