Stupid Ballad of Woot

Creatively, the Ballad of Woot thingee on the Woot home page is pretty lame. It also blocks me from seeing the Woot Sport and Accessories & Watches drop down boxes. I figure there is a reason for that; I’m still trying to come up with what is is.


I’m not having any problem with it.

Couple things that I can think of:

See if your browser window is zoomed in or out. Sometimes that affects the way pages are displayed. Set the zoom back to 100%

Try a different browser?

Give me some more info if that doesn’t work and I’ll see what I can figure out.

Mobile, Tablet, PC?
Screen shot?

No. THIS is a ballad…

Gonna tell ya a little story 'bout a place named woot.
A discount shopping place where you can buy some loot.
And then one day, while shopping for new chaps.
All of a sudden I was buying a sack of crap.
Bag of it, that is…
Texas air…
Refurbished things…

Well, the first thing you know, I was waiting for my box.
I sat outside, while eating bagels and lox.
All of a sudden, I saw the mail truck come.
I grabbed the box, tore it open, and saw a pack of gum.
Juicy Fruit, that is…
Extra chewy…
Sooo good…

I dug a little deeper, and there before my eyes.
Refurbished crap was there, and a box of wire ties.
I was screaming with delight, and jumping in the air.
I’ll always shop a woot, there’s nothing to compare.


Anything to use in your cement swimming hole?

Encore! Bravo!


Awesome, Dave!

I’m starting to think there should be a thread specifically to archive epochs like this. Gather enough and you could easily sell an anthology out of it XD

OK. This thread will do.
Any other ‘Stupid Ballads of woot’?

XD Just started one in WoW

Thanks! That works even better.
I just didn’t see that thread before… I just saw the word ballad, and thought of the ‘Ballad of Jed Clampitt’ for some odd, weird reason…

CRAP ! ! ! ! !
I got a quality post outta that dumb poem! ! ! ! !

My pleasure! I love reading things like this, so if they could be gathered in one place and others actually contribute for the past ten years I’ve missed, not to mention any creativity to come, it’ll warm my cockles down to the very core. Whatever cockles are…

LMAO!!! Well I think it was a well-deserved quality post. Very creative, goes well with the rhythm of the song, and pulls in the great jokes about BoC’s!