Stupid Daylight Savings Time


Here’s a shout-out to all our friends, who, like me, as a result of everyone else’s use of that worthless institution known as Daylight Savings Time, now have to adjust our television viewing and anything esle affected by the end of DST for another six months or however long it is. Goodbye to the convenient 10pm Woot, it’s now back to the 11pm Woot.

Let the mourning begin over woots you wanted, but couldn’t stay up that late for despite the addiction, and let’s all hope that those special woots will make it through to the morning.


hmmmm… reading this post, I’m guessing you are in AZ, since they are the only state besides IN that doesn’t keep time with the rest of the country.
sorry, but those of us in Eastern time hafta stay up until 1 am to Woot, so you won’t get much sympathy from me…


Yep… AZ…

…and I feel for you guys back east… it’s just annoying when everything not locally controlled gets shifted an hour back and forth every six months (as in, everything on cable or satellite TV).


Actually, without DST you wouldn’t have 10pm Woots at all. They would all be 11pm.


what’s this thing you call daylight savings?


Coffee, check your PMs


gee for a moment there i thought you really thought i didn’t know what daylight savings was… but i do


Hawaii also doesn’t observe DST if I remember correctly and as for Indiana - we have finally cracked under pressure and in theory are now ‘in line’ with the majority of the states (The majority of Indiana will now be on the same time as the East coast assuming all goes as it seems it will).

But not all of the state will be in the same time zone (not that it was before anyways) - so instead of having the town just north of me running an hour earlier half the year - it will now be an hour earlier year round.

Technically my area should be on the same time but we are rebels so our township says screw the feds - we are staying with the majority of our state (and ummm the main reason is that otherwise we would have our school corporation in two time zones).


I am an Indiana man myself. In fact all the tornado stuff took place about a mile from where I grew up. Now I live in Indianapolis so it was just super windy up here. Some of my neighbors lost some trees though. I hate having to stay up til 1 to get the latest Woot. All this time change business does is get me to get my act into gear to release Woot Notifer v2.