Stupid technical facts and tips


Post random, stupid facts and tips about random, stupid stuff.

Fact: On Windows 7 pushing the Windows Key + X will bring up the mobility center where you can quickly change laptop-specific settings.


I’m brain-dead at the moment - so I can’t think of any. Good idea though!

I guess my random stupid fact right now is that my brain is tired.

Oh - and I learned yesterday that when I disconnect my HP laptop from the docking station to go to a meeting, be sure to lock it first so that the screen will come back up when I open it as a regular laptop.


Always wait till the second service pack to come out before upgrading to a newer Windows OS.


well crap. The laptop I got has Win 7, but I don’t know what service pack it is. Is there a 2nd service pack yet?


No. sorry. Please enjoy your beta testing for free for Micro$oft.


Random fact 2:
Engines today could be a lot more efficient if they could run hotter. There has been research into ceramic motors but I don’t know how far they have gotten.


Actually, Windows 7 went through an extensive public beta test, called the Release Candidate. It was installed on millions of computers.


Oh. I thought it was known as “Vista”.


So was win 98, win 98 se, win 2k, and win xp

They were “leaked builds” that phoned home when something broke.

But have fun with the Win 7 beta you’re testing.

Cause like, It’s a heck of a lot more stable than any rc 2 OS Microsoft ever released…




Testing update: so far so good. But I don’t do much on this laptop except surf the web & play diner dash. :wink:

I will say that it does come on a whole lot faster!!!