Stupidly Cheap Sonicrafter Blades & Pads

Can anyone point me to an adapter for using these with a Dremel Multi-Max? Unfortunately all I can find is an adapter for using Dremel attachments on the Sonicrafter.

I’d also like to know if these can be used with Dremel Multi Max and an adaptor.

Does anyone know if these would fit Ridgid Jobmax multi tools?

To add to the question pile… Does anyone know if these will fit the Harbor Freight Oscillating knock-off tool?

I think I can get these to fit my Ryobi…

But I have another question:
The “Rockwell RW9252 Sonicrafter 3/8-Inch Universal End Cut Blade”, in the details says it comes with 3 blades, and the pictured package says 3 blades.

So how is this different than the “Rockwell RW9252.3 SoniCrafter 3/8-Inch Universal End Cut Blade, 3-piece” offering one row down?


About $1? They look the same to me.

This might help with the questions regarding a universal adapter for Multi-Tools.

You might want to research the Bosch OIS001 (first three digits are Capital Letters) This is a universal adapter that fits Rockwell, Chicago Electric, Performax, Tool Shop, Mastercraft, Dremel, Fein, Craftsman and Masterforce Multi-Tools

For those looking for a compatibility chart for their tool, check the bottom of this page:

I would link the image directly but I feel that is disingenuous to the source.

Glad I ordered when I did as two of the selections I got are now sold out. Got the Sonicrafter tool and bag earlier on Woot! for a Father’s day gift for hubby and now a good selection of blades and attachments for stocking stuffers for Christmas. This may not be a use everyday kind of tool but boy oh boy when that one tricky job comes up he is glad to have it.

Be careful–These blades only fit 3 Rockwell models:
RK5100K, RK5101K & RK5102K.
I found that mentioned on only one of the blade’s details.

They will not fit the Rockwell ShopSeries nor the Sonicrafter X2 tools, even though the blades look similar (the mount is different–8 points vs. 12). Check your blades carefully.

It’s a good deal, and I almost went for it, but I have the SS5120.

Rockwell also has a few of these items for sale on ebay. Cheaper too with free shipping.

These should fit newer Rockwell Sonicrafters just fine. The newer Rockwells have a “Universal Fit Accessory Interface.” They made it to work with most other brand’s accessories, why would they make it not work with their own?

The RK5140K manual even mentions installing earlier blades: “For prior model Rockwell Sonicrafter® hex-interface accessories and most other non-Rockwell branded accessories, the Flange must be completely removed to install accessory.”

Neither new or old Sonicrafter blades are 8 point, not sure where the earlier poster came up with that.

The text in the description was no doubt taken from the packaging, and written before the X2 tools and blades were introduced.

We tried cutting a nail yesterday and it woulnt work. Can anyone suggest which blade we should use?

Well crap, why can’t Dremel play nice with others?

I used a universal end cut blade for metal/wood. It cut right through the nail.

Thanks for your response. I think we used the universal but it wouldn’t make a dent. Trying to cut the nail off of a candle holder that sticks out of the top to hold the candle. We were able to do this with some candle holders but not this one.

You can buy Dremel adapters. I got one for my Rockwell because the hardwar store closest to me sell only Dremel blades.

The compatibility article you reference–linked to above–at, is over 2 years old. It’s not dated, but there are comments from Aug 2011. Things have changed; a lot. The Rockwell pictured in that article uses the old style blades that are being sold here.

The only place I saw mention of the models that these blades fit is on the Tile Repair Kit page. “For use with Sonicrafter models: RK5100K, RK5101K & RK5102K”

New Rockwells use indexes that are at 45 degree angles, which makes an 8-point (they’re not “points”, and they aren’t stars like these, but it’s the best term I can think of). These indexes are 30-degrees, making 12 points. The box for my Rockwell ShopSeries touts its universal mount, but it does not show these blades as compatible.

Just make sure you have a tool that these will fit.