Stupidly long giveaway rules

I was reading through this trying to see why @therealjrn said “50 days??? CRAP!!!” to no avail. I really don’t know why I EVER expect things to make sense on Woot anyway.

Including the “Your topic is similar to…”

but anyway, the real reason for this post is HOLY HELL, we have 9 “no responders” to the Woot Giveaway threads. (see the entry below the stupidly long rules)

And on another note. @ Raccoon81 do you now simply just wait until I enter the giveaways so you can reply to mine? hahaha…you crazy coon you.

That’s all folks, my little rant for the day.

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IT’S 50 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! DID YOU NOT READ TT’s post??? gah!!!11!!!


OH. haha, I thought you were saying the rules said one could only win one of these giveaways once every 50 days. Not that I ever win anyway. lol