Styling Tools

anyone have experience with the instyler? i read reviews online and most are mixed … they love it or hate it


Below may be helpful to you:

Local news “Try it before you buy it”

I love my InStyler. I do not use it on damp hair, I use a heat protectant first, and it works well on my thick, naturally curly hair. I get a finished look that is as good as coming from the salon with a good round brush/blow dry. I think many who post reviews not liking the InStyler didn’t take the time to practice as there is a bit of a learning curve. Not hard to do though. I am one who is generally all thumbs when it comes to styling hair and this simplifies it for me.

For $40 its a deal took some practice I have thick shoulder length hair and as a straightener it works great. I have yet to master the curling aspect of it but it does work.

thank you! I have hair like the 3rd girl in the video and this really helped