Su Doku Plus Handheld Electronic Game



Ok - I don’t even know what this is but the description was still hilarious!!!


so doku, what is a su doku?


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Su Doku Plus Handheld Electronic Game
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Su Doku Plus Handheld Electronic Game CL-20


man…i hate these number games…they always confise me…but goot deal


This is an interesting woot. A lot of people at my school do SuDoku in class. Unfortunately, I do not, so this is kind of useless for me.

Could save paper if they all bought one though… :stuck_out_tongue:


Just what I need for work. (In my spare time.)


That thing looks gigantic. I’d rather just download Su Doku for my phone.


I suck at sudoku.

I don’t like this type of unit. The one by Mattel is much nicer.


this crap is all the rage… i don’t have the patience for it, so no thanks!


Um… interesting woot. An addictive game.

Definitely a Sunday woot.

Yikes, I hate to say it, but there are some pretty bad **Amazon reviews**

They sell it for $14.99 + Shipping

First woot I have seen in a while where there were a lot of bad reviews.

(I have to give woot props for absolutely not censoring reviews of a product that is less than stellar. It’s rare that they put up one like this in my opinion, but when they do, they allow all reviews. Major props for honesty)


nc wins tonight.
and you pull this woot. WOW. great choice.
my wife will LOVE THIS!
and i built so she could play online :slight_smile:

nice. thanks. tony.


what the?

crap woot of the year award goes to…Su Doku


this game is HUGE in Europe… its originally from Japan and keep your mind sharp… if you think that TV sucks and like to use your head pick up one… great for long plane trips…


This looks pretty cool, but am I that big of a Sudoku player?


awww man sudoku… i might get me one of these… beats doing it on the paper and having to erase…


I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t understand what is the point of SuDoku (or what ever it is).

Can someone tell me what is so special about this game or whatever it is?


How did you read the discription and post a message in less than a minute?


Does this allow you to input the possible numbers in the cells before you decide on the final number?


got 1 for xmas

eats through 3 AAAs fairly fast

not backlit, hard to find good viewing angle.

find myself hitting the ‘zone’ button often while using the cursor, causes you to skip around.

taylorich: it marks all provided numbers with a small tick in the corner, you can also clear all human entered numbers