Sublimican Republic


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Missed the shirt? Click here to get it after June 7th!


Grats on the win!


Awesome design!


Interesting design but it’s on black and it’s summer.


This shirt is SUPERFLY - I just wish it’d said Obey ME, instead of obey us… =D


me likey


For some reason, I now want to go to clown school. Or… maybe I don’t.

Congratulations riffmaster! And I’m almost positive that I’ll be congratulating rglee tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Sublimican? That’s just a bit shy of clever.


I hope not!

I got the shirt yesterday and I like this one but I’m not sure if I want 2 republic shirts, hmmm.


I really like the design on this one. This is something I can definitely wear when I’m going out.


Very nice. I’ll think on this for a few hours and then decide when I wake up. I do like this, however, I just don’t know if I can warrant buying it with the other shirts I’ve bought.


Congrats! I love this design!


I was commenting on that with someone. Of the shirts up this weekend, this is the one that I would not mind getting in the next bag sale.


Congrats. Awesome design work here. I already own too many black t-shirts, but I still had to get this one.


Depends upon how many ]voices are in your head.


so my shirt.



Who wants to be crammed in a car with 38 guys anyway?

Congrats riffmaster… hopefully this will compensate for the negativity you’re getting on your current fogged entry.


I love the general idea, but what’s with all of the fake retro designs? =\


incredible shirt! props