Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Propeller Scooter with Floater

Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Propeller Scooter with Floater

Average price is around $650. Best sale price I could find was $499 back in April of 2019. Seems like a solid deal. $699 at Costco.

|Camera|Not included|
|Max Diving Depth|130 ft / 40 meters|
|Battery Life|30 minutes|
|Max Speed|3.5 mph / 5.5 kmh|
|Pros|+ User-friendly symmetrical design

  • Propeller guards for safety
  • GoPro mount
  • 17.6-pound strong thrust
  • World’s tiniest water scooter|
    |Cons|- 30 minutes of battery life
  • No camera included|
    |We Recommend|Yes, if you want to dive like a dolphin|

Spare batteries have bad reviews and high cost (1/3 the cost of the device)

Only bad review on Amazon was misinformed by stating water was in the battery compartment. This is a feature of the device as the batteries are waterproof.

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Very important clean after use, correct?

I would say if you’re using it in saltwater, absolutely. Fresh water… meh, give it a good spray with a hose when you’re done. Unless you’re using in waters with Zebra Mussels. Then definitely give it a good scrub before moving between bodies of water.

Have we become so lazy that we can not kick our feet that are equipped with flippers. I watched the product video. They look like they’re moving at a half mile per hour. I could Michael Phelps them just by kicking those fins once every 3 seconds. As the Jerky Boys would say, “You is a lazy bastard now ain’t chya.”

I think the primary draw for this is getting smooth underwater camera footage. In which case, you’ll get a lot steadier video if you’re not Michael Phelpsing your way through the water.


I think the appeal could also be conserving air. Your tank will last longer if you are not kicking. The issue may be the 30 min battery though. How do you conserve that?

You won’t conserve much air compared to a regular drift/still water dive: you still have to breathe. Kicking against a current is where it matters, and at 3.3 mph it may even be good against a moderate current, but I have a feeling you won’t get the the 30-minute runtime then.

The other use is deep dives where air density (and thus breathing effort) becomes a concern, but this one’s not rated for any such depth.

130 feet is a long ways down. Inert gas narcosis becomes debilitating at around 30m/100ft.

Michael Phelps swims at 6 mph. The avg swimmer goes about 2 mph.

This looks like it would present several possibilities for injury. One is that as you dive you need to equalize the pressure in your ears. With as quickly as this thing could propel you down, just watching this video made my ears hurt.

Also, you’re moving so quickly you could easily leave the parameters of your dive plan and get yourself in trouble.

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I would assume people using these that deep also have diving watches to notify the user of this.

I’ve watched some pretty terrifying videos of divers dying due to this though. Basically become drunk and wonder the ocean bottom till you die. Sad.

oooh, so helpful.Thanks a lot