Substance Four Pack Sampler

Substance Four Pack Sampler
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red and White
products: 1 2007 Chardonnay
1 2007 Riesling
1 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2007 Merlot

Links above are to CT. All but the Cabernet are new entries.

The cool winery website.


So appealing to the scigeek in me.

Just the cat that made the hat that made the Substance wines, hanging out drinkin scotch with my girl and letting the woot world envelope us. Here to tell you what I can about the wines and the project in general…

Toffee kids stole my wine $$$…interested in hearing the labrat reports though- who knows, I might be convinced…payday is on the 7th…

wow, that page might drive me straight to lynx.

Good guessing on this one sleuthers and a very cool website. May try this.

What was the inspiration behind the periodic table theme?

The science nerd in me wants these soooo badly, but the poor broke college student in me says no. :frowning:

Welcome to the fray.

Hey, Lee, welcome to the boards! I read a little bit about this project/winery this evening. Can you tell us a bit about your mission in putting the Substance brand out there?

(and what’re ya drinkin? My Bruichladdich didn’t help the Sox pull of a series win tonight, but it’s helping console me that they didn’t)

So cool we’ve just got to have it! In for two (and still wouldn’t mind being a labrat).

…like trying to open a JPG in Notepad… :smiley:

Hi there and welcome! Very interested in Walla Walla wines and would love to hear more about your project. Is everything sourced locally? Please comment on each of the wines as much as you can. Are the reds “old world” or new? Are the whites smooth and buttery, or bright and fruity?

Want to hear the whole story!

pn edit, PS: I’m sipping some 2003 Cathdral Ridge (Columbia Valley, OR) Cab this evening… do you know thise folks?

We felt it was important to have something that was “from the earth” sometimes it seems as though modern wines focus on ripeness and not neccesarily allow the elements of what the earth shine through in the wines and this is about representing what Washington and its northerrn latitude vineyards truly have to offer for each varietal we make, keep them restrained and elegant and true to that particular varietal and the peridoc table seemed the perfect avenue to convey that…Jamie

And washington state too…

No, I can’t get this. But if anybody in the DC area gets it, I’ll pick off some of the merlot. Yes, you heard me. Merlot.

Which Bruichladdich?

I’m cruising with Dalwhinnie at the moment, but I’m stuck on Barolo’s in wine world