Pinnacle Speaker SuperSonic PLB Dual 12" 800W Powered Subwoofer

Jamo SUB 660 12" Powered Subwoofer

Pinnacle Speaker Baby Boomer 600W Dual 8" Subwoofer

JBL SUB550P Premium 10" 300W Powered Subwoofer - Cherry

Mirage Omni S10 10" 200W Powered Subwoofer

Klipsch SW-450 10" 450W Powered Subwoofer

Pinnacle Speaker SubSonic Dual 6.5" 300W Powered Subwoofer

Pinnacle Speaker PS Sub 225 12" Powered Subwoofer

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I have a Polk Audio setup. TSX330 towers, TSX150 center channel, TSX100 bookshelf speakers in the back. Playing off a Onkyo 535.

Anyone have any suggestions on a subwoofer to complete this setup? I would use it to listen to both music (all types) and movies.

I’ve listened to the Klipsch SW-450 10" 450W Powered Subwoofer, and liked how it sounded. Would the Klipsch SW-450 10" 450W Powered Subwoofer complement my system?

Best product subtitle ever. Woof.

It depends a lot on the size of the room that you’re trying to fill. I have a 10" Polk sub (100W I think) in my smallish living room and it’s more than enough sound to cover the room, although sometimes I wish I had two so that it wasn’t so one-sided.

If you like the sound of the Klipsch sub already I’d go for that one, it’s at a good price point and won’t take up as much space as the others. If you WANT to spend more, the pinnacle dual 12" has a lower frequency response in addition to a lot more power.

My only concern is that the specs for your fronts say they go down to 33 hz. If that isn’t an exaggeration, the klipsch sub may not add a lot more bass… I don’t have enough experience to say though. All I can say is that I’ve never dared to turn my 10" sub all the way up…

When I listen to music the speakers I have sound good, b/c I don’t blast the radio. I would like the sub woofer more for movies for a theater like effect.

I wish that the Klipsch would come down in price. It is a discontinued item. :frowning:

I bought one of these about a month back: BIC Acoustech PL200 Subwoofer

Guy on ebay selling them, I did an offer of 275 and they robo accepted it.

The thing rocks!

I have the baby boomer, and have been incredibly impressed. It has plenty of punch, even in a medium-large room. It doesn’t have the same subsonic gut-rumbling that my IB 18" does, but it fills in the higher end of the <50hz range excellently, and provides much faster bass action than my 18 ever could. (I still use them in conjunction, but have relegated the infinite baffle setup to below 30hz, rather than trying to get it to fill in up to 60hz, which just made everything boomy/ wheezy). Even by itself, the baby boomer delivers better than expected punch.

I have the BIC as well… kicks arse.

The pinnacle supersonic will shake the pictures off your wall if that’s what you’re looking for.

Klipsch sw-450 or pinnacle baby boomer?

I tried a bunch of subs, BIC, Polk and something else (I forget). I now have 2 babyboomers. They are significantly better in all regards.

Highly recommended

I have 3 babyboomers (7.2 setup in the mancave and a 3.1 setup in the family room/den. In all honesty, you can’t go wrong with the pinnacle subs for the price. Great for movies & video games, which is what I use them for. I’m really tempted to see what the supersonic is about, but I’m sure it would be overkill for my space.


Baby Boomer: “this tiny cube delivered everything it promised and did it nicely. Great job Pinnacle!
Highly recommended.” – eldic

“have played a selection of music and boy the Baby Boomer sub is a keeper. If you have a sub that sounds mushy, boomy, SUB in this SUB (get it? ah, whatever). I have tried 3 different subs and this one dominates the other options.” - waffle

SubSonic: The products from Pinnacle are everything they claim, and so much more.

“I highly recommend the products to anyone looking for crisp clear sound on Videogames, Movies, and Music.” - mthoodrue

“Pinnacle Speaker SubSonic is out of control. So happy with the purchase. I have a huge room with
vaulted ceilings. I stuffed this guy in the far corner of the room and it’s amazing for movies, music and
everything. I can’t believe someone would ever need more bass in their home than this baby can pump
out.” - agcotton

PS SUB 225: “I picked up a PS Sub 225 in the last speaker sale @ Woot, and I have to say for the price I paid, it
was worth it. Much better than the sub it replaced…” - ganzhimself

I have the BD 2500s paired with the supersonic, I don’t necessarily turn the supersonic on for music, as the 2500s go pretty low, but for movies when you want the floor to shake, the supersonic is awesome. We actually have to kennel the dogs when we turn it on or they bark at it and try to dig it up.

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