such disrespect.

I’m quite surprised that woot would allow such disrepectful shirt designs. The Office of the President of the United States deserves our respect. Even if we don’t like the man that occupied that office. Woot should take it down and apologize.


I don’t care about the president, but Woot’s selective enforcement of their anti-politics rule. It’s completely nuts to have mods that remove pictures of Trump’s face or anything slightly related to politics, then allow this.

It seems like a certain side needs to be treated with kid gloves.


Designs on shirt.woot are selected by popular vote. And if you didn’t participate in the voting process of the shirt.woot derby, then this is the result.


As was posted in another thread on the same topic, there is also a counterpoint to the shirt in question, created by the same artist as the ‘What’ll you have, Mr. President’ shirt. It came in at #11 in the derby. As Narf said, votes count.


Things have and will continue to be removed regardless of votes. All I’m saying is the policy isn’t consistent.

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This derby’s theme was “NSF…ANYONE.” The designs submitted tended to be pretty provocative, at least by some people’s standards. That was the whole point. Both shirts definitely qualify, depending on your political leanings. It just happened that the Mr. President shirt did better than the Mr. Sanders one.


For all those upset, the mod made it clear that if you wanted to make a political shirt, you could only do so by creating one for the opposing party. But, I mean, free speech, right? And yes, I agree with your point that we should respect the position of President, but I don’t think that extends to the man himself. They have to earn individual respect.

But wait, we’re talking about tshirts, right? Nice work kg07. Live long and sell shirts.


Regardless of votes, a company should have some standards in place regarding what they chose to sell. I’m sure if the voters voted on a shirt depicting a swastika or some other deeply offending content, Woot would exercise some discretion. That shirt was incredibly offensive to not only the (slightly less than) half of the country who voted for the current president, but also to American patriots on the other side who still respect the office. Shame on you Woot!


Woot has publicly apologized on the shirt’s forum post and on Twitter, and they have removed the shirt from today’s offering.

There is one man who has done more than anyone to disrespect the office of the President and people who do not like a joke at his expense can buy something else.


You should tell that to the guy in the office. It’s very hard to respect a person like that. When I was a kid, the President was a role model. Not any more.



Yeah, cause he took the presidency, right? The liberal media are the ones who put him in that chair. They gave him all the air-time they could because it boosted their ratings. Then they continue the next 4 (more likely 8) years whining which also doesn’t hurt their ratings. I personally didn’t vote for him in the primaries and would have been happy with someone a little more …subtle in their approach. However, I love my country enough to respect the office. And I support the president. Just like I did during the Obama days.

I’m more offended by flat earth tshirts than this. I think you forgot that you are in a free country, founded on freedom of speech and freedom of the press. If you want to force a company to sensor tshirts maybe you can try north korea or the Philippines as your next home. This is America. We have the “god given right” to pursue happiness and sometimes it’s a tshirt that gets your panties in a bunch. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Its a “free market economy”. Just don’t be such a hypocrite and talk about how much you love America except for the parts that make America actually great… freedom to criticize a president without having to worry about getting executed.