Suck on Some SIGG Water Bottles

I have a SIGG water bottle and enjoy this brand’s durability (bought ages ago, elsewhere, probably paid more). What do you think? (Or are you here to stock up on cleaning tabs?)

Why is there a card here on the caps page? I thought they were only going to be on main woot items??? This isn’t even a woot off item!

What card? :wink:

Was there an answer to the question asked when the tops were in the sellout.woot plus sale?:

The description sounds like the lids are for regular bottles but the dust covers are for kid’s size?

I had answered on the other page :slight_smile: but these sports style tops will fit on almost any size Sigg bottle. Sigg makes an Active style sports top and a Kids style sports top. The Sigg bottles that hold more liquid and have a sports top usually come with the Active lid and the kiddie Sigg bottles with animals on the side usually come with the Kids top but both fit on any size Sigg bottle (except the wide mouth but that’s a less common style).

I’ve found the differences in the Active & Kids style tops to be minimal and we really just use which ever top is less expensive. I haven’t seen that one is better than another. This is an excellent price of all of these Sigg products. We have a bunch of Sigg bottles in all sizes and I always grab more of the tops when they sell them here. Under normal use, they are pretty sturdy but little kids can break the lids on the tops when they drop a lunch box or turn their Sigg bottle into a projectile so I always have extra tops on hand.

Bottom line, these tops sold here will fit on any of the bottles sold here except possibly the Wide Mouth. Hope that helps!

Honestly, these SIGG bottles are no better than ones you can buy at a dollar store for $1 a piece. Exact same build. I have tried both and for the price of one of the SIGGs you can buy almost a dozen of the generics and still get the same thing.

There is a thin layer of insulation on the inside of the SIGGs and that’s the only difference I found.

Anyone else find it ironic that there’s a lovely Canadian Sigg bottle for sale yet it you won’t ship it to Canada? Hmmm?

are the cleaning tablets really any different from polident ?

that’s what I used to clean bottles.
Ok, so there may be a little minty flavor left, but if it’s just water it’s rather refreshing.

just wanted to know…

Besides the different colors on the bottle tops, the picture shows two different styles - the kind you twist to open/close, and the ones you have to push down after twisting to drink (difficult for toddlers).

I guess that’s going to be random which one(s) you get?