Sugar Skull

This has got to be the ugliest shirt I have ever seen.

It feels a little too square and too symmetrical for me. Interesting tattoo concept, though I feel it needs some flow and movement.

The cupcake looks like a clown and I can’t unsee it.

Too bad this thing is not a Christmas sweater, at least then there would be some use for it. This thing would win an ugly sweater party hands down.

All that candy … I can feel my teeth getting cavities just looking at it.


I think Willy Wonka has a few of these on his arms.

wow…this belongs on one of those unwanted holiday handknitted sweaters u supposidly receive.


What the crap. I’m even seeing this ad on the page.

I’ve seen a lot of creepy desserts in my day, but this one takes the (cup)cake.


go back to the beginning of shirt.woot. There have been worse, believe it or not.

so i visited this Johnny’s site and its pretty cool. I have no idea where this design crept out of though

Finally, a sugar skull t-shirt I would wear…crazy, creepy, odd, blue + swacky. Score.

I’m not digging the design much, but I do have to applaud the clever use of yellow marshmallow peeps as sailor jerry style swallows.

It’s an interesting concept, but I think the execution could have been done a little better. The different pieces of candy seem to just be there, with no interaction between them.

I also totally thought the birds were flames at first. Whoops.

It’s supposed to look exactly like a sugar skull

The cupcake is kinda freaking me out. Looks like a nightmare I was once trapped in where I was going to be eaten by this giant furnace with teeth. So, I think I will have to pass on this one.