Sugar Skull

Oh great. Now I’m hungry for all those things on a bed of chocolate.

I have a feeling that this is going to be showing up in a lot of the random shirt purchases in the next sale =(

Did you know that Coulrophobia is a fear of clowns? This shirt looks pretty clowny to me.

Does it say DUDE on the back?

Is it too late to change the shirt of the day?

Could also pass for a sweet dispensing slot machine

Looks like a bunny being electrocuted.

I’ll pass.

which candy are the birds?

My strange coincidence is that I was looking at pics of ugly tatoos when I checked woot to see the new shirt.

For some reason, all it makes me think of is firecrackers. Ugly, disturbing firecrackers.


Someone tell Johnny not to read this discussion!

Sweet! what does mine say?

DUDE! What does mine say?

I’d like to see a sugar skull derby.

Could not disagree more - this is horrible. Absolutely ugly.

PS. I’m diabetic

Thought it was a robot before I looked at the title. Oh well.


Definately not a fan of this one, wouldn’t even take it off someone’s hands for free.

Is there something I’m supposed to get about this shirt? Cause if there is, I don’t.

I would probably buy this if it wasn’t brown. I have too many brown woot shirts already. Although I do love brown. Brown.