Sugar Skull

I have candy tattoos. I am in for one.

not a fan.

golly, I feel kind of bad for the artist with all the downer vibe here.

hmm. I like candy! let’s just get that out there first. Oh! they did a nice job with the negative space on the lettering, so there’s that. and certainly used up a lot of space on the shirt, nicely filling in all the way over to the sides, and all the way to the corners of the screen. I can’t tell you how many shirts forget that they have a complete big rectangle that can be filled in!



I don’t get it. Looks hideous.

How did this get approved? So ugly I had to look away.

So I take it I’m the only one that has this identical tattoo on their back?

I’d probably buy it and all, but I can’t have the same thing on the front and back… that would be ugly…

Wow, judging from the highlighted states it looks like this shirt will be stylish in West Virginia. Enjoy mountaineers! I believe I’ll pass.

I was hoping I would find a really amazing explanation for this shirt at the comments… :confused: Probably not gonna hit the reckon

Agree. Subject-matter wise, the shirt’s a wash for me to begin with, but the overall design just doesn’t sit quite right. Seems like there’s a lot of extra stuff that isn’t adding anything to the overall image, and it does feel really rigid and blocky.

Cute concept, though.

Sugar skulls, or calaveras, are ornamental & colorful skulls related to the Dia de los Muertos celebration/concept. You can look into their significance more if you want to, but all you really “need” to know is that they are frequently the basis of tattoos (hence the write-up).

Otherwise, the explanation is that he made a “sugar skull” out of sugary things. Not a lot more to read into it, afaik.


I like it. I like the colors, I like how the font is (for once) appealing, and I like how from far away it has a sort of Native American look to it. I think it’s a refreshing choice and piece.

Sorry to all the haters, but I love sugar skulls and I love cupcakes, and if I ever got a tattoo it would probably be a sugar skull, so most def in for one.

AGREE!!! Looks like a Zazzle shirt. Definitely not worthy of shirt.woot



I think I might have to avoid the reckoning page for the next week and a half just so I don’t have to look at this ever again. Yes, it’s that ugly.

My thoughts^^! I like it! Candy? Yum! Sugar skulls? Cools and yummy looking, but you’ll break you’re teeth, and they’re really not meant to be eaten. Use of space and imagination? Great!
Bought. Luv you Johnny Zito!

It would take a brave soul to wear this shirt. I like the concept but the execution makes me twitch. Much like that much sugar would.