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I noticed that the the “Suggested Topics” section often has an empty topic. It would be better, of course, to only suggest topics with content.

It can’t be empty. The first post might appear to be somewhat sparse, however. What you might be seeing is stuff for sale, which has a link to the product along with a little picture.

I guess you are technically correct. However, we are in the forums. The point of the forums is discussion. Suggesting a topic which has no replies, no discussion of the product, is close to pointless.

I guess I was reporting it as a bug. But, who knows, maybe it real is an enhancement.

Those who find it especially useful can lobby for even more such “Suggested Topics” with no replies.

Hm. I guess I don’t understand what you are beefing about. Woot always had “empty topics” save for perhaps the wootstalker bot posting prior sales and price history. This is a new way of presenting them, and I agree, it’s weird to get used to.

Personally, I’ve used the preferences available on my personal page to mute the many, many, many posts of shirt, shirt derby’s and artist stuff. It’s not that I don’t like buying a shirt or three at times but I found those to be clogging up what I wanted to read. I’ve also used those same preferences to highlight and alert me when new items in a particular category comes up.

Woot, for all it’s social aspects remains a place to buy stuff, right?

This new format certainly highlights just how many things are sold at woot. lol

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Good comment. There’s no way for me to control making sure only topics with comments are suggested. All it takes is one person to start the conversation. :smiley: