Suggestion for the Bag of Crud Sales


I have an idea here. If you have, say enough for 1200 orders(3600 items), why not spread it out diuring the day - say, every 1 hour you allow another 100 orders, or however many it takes to get 300 sold.

That would be much fairer than the 3 minute insanity.


But that woulnd’t be fair to the thousands of Wooters who stay up until midnight or 1:00 or whatever.


This is America. We don’t have to be fair.


This is life, it’s not fair.


Another suggestion would be to sell half of the item at midnight and half at noon the next day, allowing people a better chance at the hotter items.


Yeh than we would have 2 moments of insanity each 1 and a 1/2 minutes long and how many people would get in on both of these sales and brag about it and really p%ss some people off that miss out twice.


I would.


Okay, here’s an idea that will make me very unpopular with a certain segment of wooters, but as a mod., that’s nothing new, lol, so her goes:

I never missed a bag o’ crap until I became a woot moderator. Till then, I got in on four, maybe five in a row. Since then, I tried for, but didn’t get November’s, the one in the woot off, Xmas or this last one. I’ve been jinxed, doomed, cursed…(Honestly, I don’t care. It’s fun, but I always get the dollar store stuff.) I’m thinking of suggesting this to staff, to cut down on all the complaints…yeah, like people will ever stop complaining. :shock:

The amount of available craps has not increased proportionately with the new membership, many of whom join only because they’ve heard about the Random Crap offering. I think woot should only allow crap to be purchased by members who has made at least one other purchase…maybe even two, after a look at the stats…

According to the stats, 10% of people who got in on the last round had no previous purchases. BOOHISS to that 10%. I wonder how many of that 10% were part of the 8% that only bought one (but will of course get three, because we all know how THAT works). %15 had only made one prior purchase.

So that’s about 123/3 crappers that could have gone to wooters who had made one prior purchase and 306 that could have gone to members loyal enough to have made two prior purchases.

What do you think? Should people whose sole intent is to buy crap be allowed to purchase? Huh? Thoughts? (This is tongue in cheek, but I’m curious, anyway.)


I approve! Heck, lets make them all mad…what about tying it to the number of posts someone has?


Hehehe…then everyone would become a postwhore and the traffic would be too high, 24/7. (Sounds good, eh?) Seriously, the traffic from when I locked the Last Post thread was enough to make it impossible for me to get to the lockdown page/post.


No, the post count idea would creat chaos. But I like the idea of having to have purchased a couple Woots. A “thank you” for good customers basically.


doesn’t bother me! I’ve got my 2! but then, I never buy the bags of crap, because I have no use for anymore crap… I’ll post a picture of my desk area soon to show you what i mean… or better yet a video to give you the full perspective…


I like the suggestion, but here’s a better option.

To be eligible for that round/offering of random crap, you have to have bought something from Woot in the LAST MONTH/Period(whichever is longer, of course).

This makes sense - you buy from Woot recently, you can get in on some free stuff every couple of months. new people/snipers/slackers - they get no chance as they aren’t “loyal customers”.

I mean - who doesn’t need a 250gig Hard Drive for $50? I’d have bought one myself, but I already have a 3*300gig Maxtor IDE Raid setup.(special server board - has ide raid onboard).

Or who doesn’t need a 19 inch KDS X-Flat montor for $69?. Wha? Yes - KDS is selling off old stock - I just missed out on the $69 sale-off at Office Depot by a few hours. I suspect that Woot could get it or something simmilar in easily. Or a $100-$120 flat panel monitor. Seriously - offer a 19" monitor and I’ll buy it.

Or a $50 DVD player that also plays Divx and AVI files.(sells for 70-80 new, so $50 refurbished might be possible…

You get the idea - you buy something and you are activated for the next Bag of Random Junk. This should shrink the pool to about the same as it was several months ago - figure 30 days of stuff, times maybe 200 buyers a night - that’s 6000-10,000 eligible people per month. Much better odds than 100,000 people who spam/snipe for the Bag of Stuff and then go away for a month.

The plan:

  • One purchase since the last bag of leftover junk enables you to get in on the next bag of leftover junk.
  • Two purchases since then should get you automatic leftover junk(pre-registered for it or something) Note - this wouldn’t be announced - you would get a surpize box of junk every so often/whenever they got around to your name on the list.
  • Three purchases over the span of two Random Bags should also qualify you for the crap waiting list.
  • No purchases, not eligible.

That way people who buy a lot from Woot just get Bag of Crap every month or two in the mail(and aren’t eligible for the BOC day, since they are getting theirs already), and those who only buy once a month or so have to fight it out. Slackers - well they get to watch in envy. This isn’t McDonalds, afterall - purchase should be required. :wink:


//sets fire to Pletko

(hey - It’s my job - I gotta do it…)


Who assigned you this “job”?


it’s his right as leader of the resisitance… which he also founded, as was his right…


Wow, when did you go through the brainwashing?


Who forgot to brainwash pooflady?

Fess up -


it’s part of the initiation… you have to do it for your free bag of last night’s bagels from Breugger’s…


Well, there’s the answer. I don’t like bagels.