Sugru Moldable Glue Bundle

Sugru Moldable Glue Bundle

Is there latex in this stuff? I can’t see an ingredient list.

The answer is on the Sugru site

What is the expiration date?

I don’t have that information but we just received them last month direct from sugru.

Sugru is the best! I am constantly gifting people with this stuff. :slight_smile: If you keep it in the fridge it lasts a lot longer than stuffed in a drawer.


Thanks. I’m thinking of trying this on my kids Cranky the crane. Super glue and some of that “glue” you use the ultraviolet light on (which I bought here) don’t seem to stay. I may just give this a try.

Good stuff, but if you aren’t interested in a flexible repair, you’ll be disappointed. I use it to reinforce the ends of charger cables as it distributes the strain caused by bending over a larger length of the cable.

I use it on the breaking points of my apple power cables. I have used it on a wine holder to stop them from shimmying into danger of falling from the door slamming, used it to secure my soap holder in my shower and on my over the showerhead organizer to hold my razors. :slight_smile:

This stuff has a limited shelf life. I bought some once to have around - looked useful and got a decent deal. But by the time I had a real use for it, it had all dried out. They have an Instagram account with a lot of uses displayed - just use it soon!

I just used my last packet. It was still moldable able 6 years in the fridge. They only call out 6 months, so if it cures properly, that’s pretty good!

Can this fix the switch for my parking brake that fell down into the console? I guess we’re going to find out!

Got mine today and it expires 08/2020. For what I paid I’m satisfied with that time frame, especially since most of it will be gifts for people to tinker with soon.

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Me too, same dates. It should keep awhile in the refrigerator next to my batteries.