Sullen Woot Info Post cracked corn and I don’t care.

Sullen [Avoiding the ox] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Tuesday) OR $5 international shipping

1 * White Woot Tee

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Help! My T-shirt is made of clouds and there’s a dragon flying through me!

It’s always good to plan ahead. Now I just have to figure out what size I’ll be in two years.

Pine cone exiting my appendix?

Oh wait…dragon!

Seriously, took me a few seconds.

AMAZING. Good Choice Wooters!!!

I wish this shirt was more…how would I put it…textured?

For some reason the thumbnail for this shirt shows as a “random” shirt on the main woot site. . .

I forsee this printing muddy, much like the renew derby tees.

This looks like two pine cones and a dragon head. And the halftones don’t look anything like they did in the preview image. Have to pass.

i like the “stalk kdeuce on twitter” cause its just the kind of person i am.

I know that it’s a common cliche, but I’m going to pretend that the color is an homage to Metallica.

This dragon looks distinctly like a Koi. Maybe this is the mythical Koigon: Dragon Lord of goldfish?

Just be warned that the shirt will NOT print the way it looks here… Woot is unfortunately not able to print all that detailed halftone work as shown, from what I can tell from previous shirts in that same style. I love Woot, and this is a nicely done drawing, but sadly, I’m fairly certain that it will not print well.

I have kdeuce’s last shirt, which had the same art style, and it came out terribly. It looked beautiful on the site, but in print…

Just felt the need to warn people =\ If you order the shirt, and it looks great, then awesome!

I hope The Ancient Chinese Raggon has a chance for third place, despite coming in pretty late…

won’t keep it from selling out.

I think the reason nobody posted saying their previous kdeuce shirts looked bad is that they didn’t want to publicly admit their buyer’s remorse.

also where is the body half way thru? looks like an eraser got sat on it and took out a part

Last year wasn’t year of the dragon, next year isn’t year of the dragon. The theme isn’t dragons, it’s Chinese zodiac.

the only way it has a chance is if this derby has votes as close as we saw in the V-derby. I would say it is a very unfortunate long shot.

Except I did…