Sullivan Vineyards Napa Valley Merlot (2)

Sullivan Vineyards Napa Valley Merlot 2-Pack
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2007 Sullivan Estate Bottled Napa Valley Merlot
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So, we know 2007 was a very good vintage and we know that the Rutherford area produces quality wines. Yet almost no info is out there about this particular wine. I’m thinking this must be some serious juice. Perhaps the winery will check in later today and enlighten us about this wine, such as have they been holding it out of circulation. The description certainly makes it seem mouth watering. Any faux rats out there? I need a nudge to push the yellow button.

No Connecticut. Drat! I was ready to be “in for 3.” Oh well…

This is a tough predicament. So WTSO just offered the 2007 Sullivan Estate Cab at $29.99. I’m really interested in trying the Merlot, so I’m juggling right now…

Why not try to find someone to go in with you on both deals and split it.

EDIT: too late, TSO is on to the next wine.

MI has seemed to fallen of the distribution list for woot. The last 5 offers that caught my eye I have been shutout.

Hi folks - My Name is Sonyia and I’m from Sullivan Vineyards. There have been some questions on why we are releasing this wine to WOOT. A few years back the Sullivan family went from using 3 warehouses to one and recently it came to our attention that one of the warehouses still had some inventory. We thought that this would be a great chance to expose our tiny winery to a larger group of wine lovers such as yourselves. This wine is quite tasty and has been a hit with visiting guests over the past month. Please feel free to ask more questions. I’ll be popping on and off the site throughout the rest of the day.


It’s a great bottle of wine! Our club members loved it when we released it to them and many were thrilled when we offered this to them as a re-release a few months back. What they did not take went to our great friends at Woot!

One strange thing I noticed in CT was that there are many bottles of their Cab and Merlot for 2005 and 2008, but not for 2006 and 2007. I wonder if there was something going on during those vintages that affected the production/wine/sales.

Thanks for jumping in Sonyia. This wine is a nice find. Very glad to have Sullivan on board.

This is the type of wine woot that gets me in trouble. I rarely buy Merlot, let alone at this price from a winery I am unfamiliar with, however, I am intrigued and keep coming back to read posts. I really have not been let down by WW purchases in this range, but I need a little nudging. What makes this deal great?

07, Napa, boutique, 2 for 1.

I am Tierney from Sullivan Vineyards. The 2007 Estate Merlot was such a bold wine that we held back most of our inventory in the cellar knowing that with a bit more ageing the beast inside would become a bit more tame. I’ve been enjoying this wine since we retasted it in January. It still has bold fruit right up front but it is starting to gain more nuanced flavors (and will continue to gain more over the next 5 years). Let alone, Rutherford Merlots are known to be as powerful and flavorful as Napa Valley Cabernets. Trust me you have a great deal on woot! I’m a bit jealous of how good of a deal this is.

Keep coming back to read posts? Do tell which one, er, ones, you kept coming back to read.

Woot programmers, this bot needs a little bit of tweaking, probably something like if post = 20, reply blah bah.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

If the person is not a bot, and has purchased here before, they come off as one. You can easily write a script that inserts “merlot” (the only part unique to this offering) with that fluff.

They didn’t address the winery, which is here to answer questions. It seems very bot-like.

I had the opportunity to spend a few hours at Sullivan about 2 years ago while in Rutherford and let me tell you - what an amazingly unexpected treat. We actually were engaged by one of their employees/salespeople while stocking up at a nearby winery and was invited to come by. First, we were so pleased with the winery itself. So casual, yet peaceful and overall comfortable. Then, we were kept company by one of the employees who happened to be around that day. The vineyard itself was such a treat (including the dog!) But the REAL unexpected surprise was the wine! It was unfortunate that we came across Sullivan so late in our trip or I can only imagine how much we would have brought home with us. As it was, we only bought enough to finish filling the last empty shipping case we had with us. The last bottle I enjoyed was a 2006 Red Ink. An amazing blend. Looking forward to these showing up!

Except the poster has enough purchases to have a green square. I can’t be sure, that WD is one tricky SOB, but I don’t think there are any wine.woot bots. I’ll keep an eye out, though.

Of course, I may be bot and this post could all be part of the master plan.

Thank you for very kind words regarding your visit to Sullivan Vineyards. We love hearing this kind of feedback and strive to make sure that people walk away feeling connected to our little slice of Rutherford heaven. Enjoy the wines! (Sonyia)