Sumdex 16" X-Sac Business Backpack

Pretty solid backpack, but the sleeve is not adjustable. There’s only one small square of velcro so if your laptop isn’t 17", it’s be free to bounce up and down. Not ideal, but otherwise a great buy.

I got this off of Woot a little over a month ago. It’s a pretty tough backpack. I keep it pretty well loaded and the handles and straps seem really strong and I don’t go easy on it when I pick it up. Lots of space inside with lots of pockets. It’s well-padded for your laptop. The laptop section’s Velcro strap is elastic giving you a little more room than you’d expect. The side elastic cup holders are used every day and don’t seem to be losing elasticity so far. Will buy another as a gift (or for myself again later, if I have to).