Summer's Last Hurrah!



Bright Light? More Naked Winery? Someone save me! These are delicious. (No seriously, I’m at my last bottle of the Outdoor Vino - turns out they’re great for spontaneous BBQs, trips to Outdoor Shakespeare, and handing a very welcome friend when she shows up a couple hours earlier than expected…)


I’m tempted by the Duarte Georgetown Rouge… the ubiquitous Richard Jennings gives it an 87 on CT and the description is interesting, including “tart blood orange, tang, smoke nose.”


C’mon guys I didn’t even get a chance to try the fruit bomber yet. Maybe this weekend to decide if I want to order more.


Summer’s Last Hurrah!

Blue Nomad Bright Light 2010 White Wine 6-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $72.00) 17% off List Price
2010 Bright Light, Dry California White Wine
Previous offer: 8/24/12

Georgetown Divide Rouge 2009 Grenache 4-Pack
$41.99 (Normally $56.00) 25% off List Price
2009 Rouge Grenache

Lido Bay Sampler 3-Pack
$62.99 (Normally $91.00) 31% off List Price
2008 B****itch Tongue Tempranillo
2009 Mercenary Zinfandel
2009 Mutiny 8888 Red Blend
Previous offer: 7/8/12

Outdoor Wino Mix by Naked Winery BPA-Free Plastic Bottle 4-Pack
$42.99 (Normally $60.00) 28% off List Price
1 Outdoor Vino Picnic Tablepink
1 Outdoor Vino Wanderlust White
2 Outdoor Vino Rambling Red
Previous offer: 7/4/12

Woot Cellars 2010 Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber 4-Pack
2010 Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber
Previous offer: 8/20/12

Cumulus 2007 Australian Chardonnay Case
$79.99 (Normally $120.00) 33% off List Price
2007 Block 50 Chardonnay, Central Ranges, Australia
Previous offer: 7/7/12


Any reviews for the lido bay three pack?


ABV seems a bit high on the Georgetown Divide for a sipper. Fermented to dry? What’s the pH and RS on this?


Noticed the main page picture for this offer shows the clif climber pouch, yet there is none offered. What’s the dealio?


There’s Clif in the main picture… Too bad it’s not up, I need some more rough and tumble wine.


Sorry about that, usually pictures are composed in a way that will best display the main products of the Woot Plus sale, but as you’ve noted, there’s no Climber wine in this offer. In good news, six fantastically different offerings to select from!

We don’t mean to break your hearts, but apologize if we did today, and we’ll make sure that feedback gets passed along.


Durring the original offering of Pour, Pour Me, there were quite a few dissenting opinons about the price of a “Fruit Bomb” being so high for what the wine is.

I have shared most of the eight bottles I purchased on 8/20/12 and every person has loved this wine! While I will always agree that price of anything is too high. I, in no way, feel that I lost out on this wine. Unless you specifically know that this type of wine doesn’t appeal to your taste buds, then you should at least order one (and then regret that you didn’t order more when it arrives).


I wish I could find some commentary on this wine, as it does sound intriguing, and I do love a good Rosé. (Which begs the question, is this a good Rosé?)

I see that it’s among several Rosés that just popped up on a 6-bottle deal on Invino. It’s kind of a 6-Rosé grab-bag.

The more I think about Rosé, the more I have the impulse to buy this. Damn you, Woot!


Wine enthusiast gave the Grenache 83 points and noted some sourness and that it as was off-balance. Not a positive review.

Jennings notes leave something to be desired as well.
As much as I like both roses and Grenache,
I’ll have to sleep on this one.


According to their scale it’s not a “bad” showing.
80-84 – Good. Solid wine, suitable for everyday consumption.


I brought two bottles of the Woot Cellars Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber to a family BBQ this past weekend. The wine went quickly!!! I’m in for 8 more!


The Pour, Pour Me has been a hit here as well. I’m ordering more.


Blue Nomad Bright Light 2010 White Wine 6-Pack

Don’t know if anyone from the Vineyard will be checking here, BUT, man I sure wish you’d get your Connecticut license! :frowning:


Bought it last round but I’ve only opened the mutiny. I liked it a lot. Deep complex flavors, good tannins, dark fruit. A heavy wine that was good by itself. Was still good after sitting open for 2 days as well.

I opened this bottle with a bottle of ty caton merlot with a wine connoisseur friend of mine and we both preferred this bottle. the ty caton had an astringent quality that was odd.


Which Ty did you open?


Pour Pour Me
Well I bought a case during the last offering and have either drank or given away half of my case so far.

If you liked the F-Bomb from earlier in the summer this in my opinion this is the red equivalent from the same winery.

I am in for another case !