Summer Fun Canvas Art

re: Courtside Market WEB-CT147 Long Peir Canvas Wall Art

peir: no dictionary results

pier: noun; a structure built on posts extending from land out over water.

Good to know you’re looking at the event! Fixed.

Courtside Market WEB-CT140 Morning Ride on the Boardwalk … 16" x 2"… very skinny print…

Apparently the room in the main picture has a full size couch that’s about 4 feet long.


These are neat. Although, I’ll confess that when I saw the picture without reading the caption, I said out loud, “Ooooh, please be the light, please be the light, please be the light!” Always wanted one of those arc lamps… :smiley:

I might have to get one of these… Nice!

I’m about 99% sure that Morning Ride on the Boardwalk is from Ocean City, NJ. That might have sold it for me.

(what’s with the colored background in the posts? is that new?)

Check here for more info.

Be warned if these are from icanvas art - which is where my Norman Rockwell canvases came from -they sent me the wrong depth on both canvases I bought. While it said it would be 1.5inches in depth the frame was only .75 - and yes I ordered the larger size. I am one unhappy camper.

We double checked and that’s the right dimensions. Skinny boardwalk.

Just kidding. It’s fixed.

Anyone know what location of the boardwalk is ?

great. i look forward to hearing back from woot.