Summer Hydration

Reviews over at REI are mixed for “sloshing” vs “non-sloshing”. Everyone seems to love the creative ways you can use water – cool your head down, annoy your companions, or cleanse a wound. The Rig 70 oz is $98 over there. The other vest styles are great for running & cycling, as they don’t bounce. Just worried about the slosh factor!!

The next thing that impressed me about this product was the way that it pressurizes the water so that you do not have to suck it out of the tube, you simply have to bite or pinch down on the bite valve and it will spray the water out. This unique system is controlled by a secondary tube which has a air bulb attached to the end of it. By pumping this bulb you then deliver air into the secondary chamber of the bladder which pressurizes the system. The great thing about this is that the air is in a different compartment than the water which means that you will not have any water movement or sloshing. in order to release the pressure from the hydration engine all you have to do is twist the pressure release knob and the air will slowly flow out of the bladder.

I know you guys are better than this. I urge you to do the right thing and turn yourselves in… to Photoshop Disasters.

I refer of course to the cover image for this “Summer Hydration” sale.

The sale itself looks interesting though - I’ll probably buy one!! :wink:

I bought the rig mom last time it was up and so far I’m really liking it. It has enough room for my diaper bag stuff and it’s not floppy like my old diaper bag. The changing pad I received is better than the one pictured, though it matches the way it is described “Main compartment contains a removable, fold-out, changing station with designated pockets for wipes and diapers.” Though that makes it bigger so it doesn’t fold up and fit in the front pocket like the picture shows, but I like it better. I have a bad habit of not drinking water as often as I should so I like having a hydration pack build into my diaper bag to remind me to drink.

I’m interested in the rig mom too, but really woot. What baby is going to sit still and let their parent spray their nether parts with water from a hydration pack? NONE! And what parent is going to waste drinkable water spraying down baby’s bum and getting poop or pee water all over when they can just use a diaper wipe?

(At first it looked like the baby was peeing on the mother, but I was confused since it was not a male baby… I think that one should be turned into photoshop disasters too)

Dang, missed out on the inline filter again…

Perfect: I’m getting ready for my morning walk. Do I go now? Or when I get back. Always a tough choice.
No worries - If I have to take a dump on the way, I’ll just use this backpack bidet I’ve carried along. Hope the neighbors don’t mind…

Bought the running vest last time it was offered. It added weight and is very uncomfortable to wear while running. My distance was cut down by a third.

Plus I look like a idiot running with this thing on.

Pretty funny how the image for the event has a geigerig that’s not actually being sold in the event.

Here’s to hoping that specific one comes back around. I missed out last time.

seconded, i didn’t have the $ last time but now i do and it’s sold out.