Summer Infant 8-Panel PlaySafe Playard, Tan

If you have a baby or dogs or something you want to protect from babies or dogs then you need this. We used ours a ton both together and in pieces with our kiddo and it was great. When you’re done with it you can easily sell it on Craigslist for as much as you paid for it. We sold ours for $75.

What kind of horrible parent would put their kids in The Octagon? I hope they get a visit from CPS!

Me, 18 years ago.

When Ronda Rousey has kids.

We’ve had 2 of these in the last year. They are made out of pretty brittle plastic and crack easily. We thought the first one was maybe a case of defective material in a single run, but no. They were purchased a year apart. We bought them at the backwards R store and both came with a cracked panel right out of the box. There is no way I would trust these to survive shipping.

Two babies enter, no babies leave! Because that’s the point of the product. The kids can’t get out.

To help those too lazy to construct the sides in a CAD application, the max outside dimension of the octagon is a little over seven feet. Assuming they are able to be joined with two kits into a hexadecagon, the max outside dimension is a little over 13’-8". It should give an idea if you are trying to fit in a space, or want to decide how much room the puppies really need.

If it is just one kid, why can’t you save money and use a harness, leash and a pole? That’s cheaper than $85; my parents were frugal.

Two of these connected in larger circumference = best Christmas tree protector EVER.

Not just for kids, works well for small to medium sized dogs, too.

One thing I’ve learned from watching “Rugrats” and playing “Fallout 3” - play pens are easy for kids to break out of.

Wait…wait…what part of Fallout 3?

(I don’t…remember?)

So you’re an octagon bigot?

Prepare them well for their future. If rubber padding is not available, hang a pillow on each of the 32 inch sides.

We use ours to keep chickens contained (chicken wire across the top), so we can move them around the yard during the day as cheap fertilizer. Works great!

Gotta start them out early!

Ring Announcer’s not included.

I believe it’s the very first mission of the game: “Baby Steps”.