Summer School



Well, this puts me in a holiday mood. And now I want to borrow Dasher so I can test out the “Be One With The Reindeer” theory.


Ninja teaching the art of secret movement to Santa, a reindeer, and an elf? Brilliant, just brilliant. I love all of it; the details are fantastic, like the elf sitting on a stack of books.


PS: grammatical error in the write-up; might be deliberate, but I can’t quite figure out the joke if it is: in Rule #5: “They’re minds are not knotted with the same fear and anxiety as a human’s”


Hilarious shirt, too bad it’s only a christmas shirt.


This is awesome!!! Great work bud.

Edit: Totally in for one. Ho! Ho! Ho!


I love the idea. Maybe in the future you can make another version that is less tied to Christmas. Perhaps Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny or other fairy tale creatures that are known for stealth.

Just a thought. Great shirt. Well done. :slight_smile:


Just a reminder that if you really want to be sure you get it in time for some party or event, you may want to consider the $5 overnight.

It’s likely it’ll make it by Christmas but I’d rather not have some of you going all rage quit if it doesn’t. Save yourself the stress.


I love that the ninja is pointing with a sai. :smiley: Or, to be more apropos, a jitte.


Wallkickin’ Santa. Christmas Ninpo. Ho ho hadouken.

I smell movie franchise. :slight_smile:


That’s no joke, it’s a sp… er, I mean “a grammar error”.


The elf understudy is all “Yipes! I didn’t enroll for THIS!”


Santa’s secret dojo have been FOUND!!!

That poor reindeer doesn’t realize a sniper from the NONBELIEVERS has it in his sights!


Have not bought a shirt in awhile.I really like this one,for this fatboy [me].Thanks ThunderThighs
for reminding everyone,about the overnight for 5 bucks,this way you know you will have it long before Christmas,I plan on wareing it,quite a few times before the big day.


Now, their their, Wooters. Your not showing the proper Christmas spirit. The people who right the Woot-blurbs spend many hours crafting witty prose in hopes of yore praise. They do double check there work, I’m shore. But spell check makes writing quickly so easy–I mean, its not like days of you’re when you actually had to know the difference between to, two, too, and tutu.


Hey, I’m glad this went up today. I was getting worried that Woot would wait until Christmas day to sell it.

Regardless, thanks Woot for picking this one up!


Pretty sure that it’s a leperchan.


round of applause


Anyone having trouble with woot denying the sale? I hope its not because of my promo code…


I’m a bit of a stickler, so I came in to make sure someone noted the error in the writeup.

I read this comment, golf clapped, then promptly had a /