Summer travel plans?

Yay for you, snacks, a/c & doggies! :clap:t3:
For me, my four chitlins, and my elderly mama, its enduring 120°+ sizzling heat waves in a 50+ year-old house with an ancient a/c that gets no cooler than 90° indoors in this blasted desert! :tired_face:
We shall suffer together :handshake:

Thanks for the visual! Even with an electric hybrid, cranking up the a/c at full blast just to pick up the groceries uses up all the charge round trip! Nothing like planning all the stops within a 40 mile radius on one trip (or finding an out-of-the-way charging station) to avoid the pump! :tired_face: There went the day!

I’m so excited to have some summer travel plans finally! I’m going to be spending a month in Europe, and I can’t wait to explore all of the different countries and cultures. I’ve always wanted to visit Europe, and I’m finally going to be able to cross it off my bucket list. I already noted down some routes from to explore. I’m also looking forward to trying out all of the different food and drink, and of course, doing some shopping. I’m sure I’ll have an amazing time, and I can’t wait to share my experiences with all of you!