Not only are there more tank tops, but more tank tops that I like.

How do these tanks run ? For women… if that makes a difference.
Do they shrink a lot ?
Help please.

They don’t shrink a ton (or at least not enough that it was a notable problem) - but you may want to stay away from the 100% cotton ones, at least for me they fit weird around the chest/arm holes. The poly-blend will be a slightly more form-fitting cut.

Love the green marl you’ve got Cuteness Overflow on, woot. Top job.

Gonna get a Kiss!

Thanks for the tip. But the one i wanted was all cotton. : (
But maybe i can always layer it w/ another tank ? Did you try that ?
Women’s medium = unisex med ?
It’s a mystery.

Thanks again ADQ

Oh definitely, it’d probably work fine with something under, but I was honestly pretty turned off. I think probably because I’m not a huge tank person anyway, so maybe I’m just being too picky!

Check the specs to be sure, but I’d probably suggest ordering a size down in “unisex” (it really is more men’s sizing), especially if you’re going off American Apparel sizing for women.

As the resident shirt nerd …

  • Both tanks are sold as unisex. The side seams are sewn straight down.

  • The 100% cotton unisex tank (AA 2408) is sized like the AA (aka old Woot) men’s shirts. As with the 2001’s, I presume shrinkage will be as minimal as they are with my other AA shirts; Darth Meow gets hung dry, so no “real use” pics.

  • The 50/50 unisex tank (AA bb408) is sized narrower, but similar in length and the neck/armholes have a similar cut versus the cotton tanks. It is stretchier, though, even softer, and my experience is they don’t shrink at all even through the dryer.

(Side note - did my email ever get to you, @ADQ?)

Good sale, I gotz the fable tote so I have two of hers. = 3 However, and yes I know you can only pick so many, why wasn’t ‘Divine Recipe’ picked for a apron? If it means anything I can pledge 4 woots for a Divine Rec apron. I have a family of 'cado lovers. I need for my Mother and her sister, and two cousins.

Can someone recommend a similar site to shirt woot that doesn’t have so many damn cartoonish shirts? The Aztec Sunset one is the closest to anything I’d buy among this mix.

Unwrinkly of the day - Aztec Sunset was designed by @ramyb, better known for his cartoon-y style. The write up for The Birthplace of Inspiration is pretty spot on - which there’s even more added irony as it predates TeeTurtle.

As for other sites, try DBH, GoodJoe, or just peruse through the back catalog here for art & design. Yes, Woot has a greater share of toony designs (and catshirts) versus other crowdsourced sites, but overall, Woot still has a greater variety.

Dang, I wish the Kiwi one was a tank!

Got any scissors? :slight_smile:

The neck also goes down lower on the tanks, and given the positioning of the design on the shirt I’d consider altering that risky. And frayed t-shirt material from chopping off the sleeves is not exactly a sexy look.

Proper print position? “What’s that?!”, says shirt.woot …

Also, raw-edged knit material tends to just curl up, not fray like with woven fabrics.

I agree. Too many tanks. And such cool prints too :frowning: will keep a lookout for t’s. I am hoping the lemon ‘peeling’ print isn’t too lemony.

After you wash Anvil shirts, a few times, the neck will go down even further than the tank tops. :meh:

I was hoping to add a few shirts to my collection. However, my last couple of woot shirt purchases have pretty flimsy collars. It might not matter to most people but a collar that looks that raggedy is lame. What happened Woot? Charge me more. Just sell better quality shirts.

Granola? I typed lame.