Summerland Bien Nacido X Block Syrah - 2 Pack

Summerland Bien Nacido X Block Syrah - 2 Pack
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PRODUCT: 2 2005 Bien Nacido X Block Syrah
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Somebody say something. Rats? Hellooooo?

Rats?? This is a woot off. No rats to be found…seems this has not been offered on woot before either.

$45/bottle on the website, total shipped cross country is $114.50, so this is a straight half price deal. Pity I know nothing about this wine.

Not necessarily my go-to style, and I often discount WTSO-only wines – however this sounds like a great bottle of wine according to CT.

From the winery website, tech notes

Sales & Marketing
9332 Nightingale Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90069
Telephone: 310-275-9889 Facsimile: 310-275-9890
ALCOHOL: 14.1%
pH: 3.42
TA: 0.628g/100ml

Our efforts are dedicated solely to the expressive growing regions found in the Central Coast of California. This portfolio is comprised of vineyard-designated bottlings derived from sources noted for their exceptional fruit quality. By working closely with the growers, we aspire to produce fruit and ultimately wines that best reflect the terroir of an individual vineyard site. Summerland Winemaker, Etienne Terlinden, takes every care to preserve the integrity of the fruit by employing the finest barrels and minimal intervention throughout the ageing process. Through meticulous blending the wines are crafted into reserve category wines and released in limited quantities.

The Bien Nacido Vineyard is often referred to as the coolest appellation in California and noted for its long growing season. Situated on a bench overlooking the Santa Maria River, this proven and celebrated vineyard benefits greatly from a strong marine influence conducive to growing the finest Burgundian and Rhone fruit in the state. The Block X is a truly unique parcel that lies on the warmer eastern reaches of the property in a soil referred to as the Elder Series, which is comprised of well-drained sandy loam. This 14-acre block is planted to the Estrella clone and typically produces just under two tons per acre.

The grapes were allowed to cold soak for a period of 6-7 days to extract color and flavor. The wine underwent fermentation in 1.5 ton open top fermenters and was punched down by hand. The juice was inoculated with D254 yeast for bigger mouth feel, depth of fruit, and smooth tannin structure. A maceration period of 20-25 days is preferred for optimum tannin and color extraction. The wine was aged for 11 months with minimal racking in four, second year Radoux Appalachian Oak barrels and one neutral Francois Freres.

The wine’s deep blue/black hue only hints at the enormous fruit intensity experienced on the palate. Muscular yes, but not overpowering or tannic. This is a complex wine with a nose dominated by smoke, char, tobacco and layers upon layers of delicious blackberry/boysenberry fruit on the palate. Though perfectly enjoyable now, this wine will continue to develop in the bottle for many years to come.

Impressive scores/notes on CT. Any time I see a consensus 90+ it falls into the “strongly consider hitting the yellow button” category for sure.

Perhaps its best that this is a relatively dark horse compared to many of the servings during this woot-off.

I’ve wooted until I can barely woot no more.

Woot. Please no more. Let me sleep.

commenting on MichaelIWB post. the 3 words to describe wine that I know to avoid the wine: smoke, char and tobacco… just not my style.

In for one. Hope it goes well with Ramen!

Sounds like good bourbon.

A little rich for my blood. At the tail end of a 2 day woot off, I have already hit my limit. I might have room for a couple of bargains, but $25 are a bit much. I am holding out for the flying monkey, or perhaps a Bag o’ Cr#¥£€£*^%P

This isn’t Corison and.or Lioco!

This does sound like something I’d like.
Last wooter to woot: jmdavidson

Well, it couldn’t very well be both!

It’s ok, I don’t like money anyway.

tempting…arrg. Somebody please convince me!

Still trying to convince myself.
I found this:

I’ve not had the 05 Ojai, but have enjoyed the 05 Summerland effort from Block X fruit and it was mighty nice. A few remain which will stay horizontal for awhile longer.

Block X is the oldest block of Syrah in BienNacido, dating back to the early '80’s when it was planted at the behest of BobLindquist. In most yrs, the grapes go only to BobLindquist and RandallGrahm. In 2005, there was a little bit left over that went to Summerland. I thought it was a rather pretty
Syrah…but not nearly the stature of Bob’sX-Block Syrah. Randall sorta squanders away the great fruit from X-Block is my opinion.
The Ojai come from up on the Hillside Estate… that also goes to Jaffurs and a number of others. The Qupe Hillside Estate Syrah is pretty monumental as well.

Methinks this may be bada$$ juice. Late in day 2 in the east, sneaking it in. In for one and calling it a night. Go for it, Ron.