Summerland Grenache-Zinfandel Mix (6)

Summerland Grenache-Zinfandel Mix 6-Pack
$79.00 (Normally $120.00) 34% off List Price
3 2008 Zinfandel, Paso Robles
3 2007 Grenache, Paso Robles
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In for 1!

I hate to say this, but these are available for $11 per bottle at a local wine shop in my State, CT. 6x11= 66. Also, it is in the “bargain cart”
I speak of the Black Label Only.
In addition this wine was discribed to me by my personal wine guru as a bit thin and rather unfinished to the point of being sour? Eek?! Now, that’s ONE opinion, and certainly NOT some voice of the wine gods. Take it for whatever you feel it’s worth.

I’m still hung up in the “spicy artesian sausage”. Sounds like something they age in a well.

But when it’s just you and some pals gooin’ off?

Well, sir I never!

Was that a typo? Or is this wine just that goo…d?

These are lighter floral style wines. The Zinfandel is made in a Southern Italian style found in Puglia. I think you will enjoy them at a good value.



Most Zins are “thin” give me a hardy cab anyday, Like the Meeker 2005 Diamond Mountain I received last week and downed one last night.

Awfully quiet around here. Is everyone getting geared up for Protein Mondays?

Yup. Can’t wait for the salame.