Summerland Pinot Noir / Chardonnay 375ml Bottle Case

Summerland Pinot Noir / Chardonnay 375ml Bottle Case
$84.99 + $5 shipping
6 Summerland 2007 Santa Barbara Pinot Noir 375ml
6 Summerland 2007 Chardonnay Santa Barbara County 375ml
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Does anyone know if these Brix values means the wines are on the sweeter side?

I love little bottle cases!

Maryland’s not on the list. :frowning:

Is anyone familiar with these wines? A stock of 375s would be a nice thing to have…

Brix measures sugar levels. This equates to both a) level of sugar in the wine and b) alcohol percentage of the wine. If you’re looking for sugar content in wine (how sweet it tastes), you need to look at residual sugar (RS) and pH (acid levels). Those two things will basically (although in truth it is more complicated) tell you how sweet the wine will be perceived.

$9 per Chard and $12 per Pinot on their website, with the pinot showing as “sold out.” $126 equates to a pretty skinny discount before shipping, which can be substantial for 12 bottles. CT comments are thin, with 2 folks commenting on the medium bodied pinot-style.

I do like the 375’s though…

Edit: Re-checked my math. 33% off is not too shabby.

wow that’s a lot of wine licks lips

btw does anyone else think @Cesare sort of looks like Kris Humpries?

Oh okay. That makes sense. Thanks for your help!

ummm is wine.woot the only site working right now?

Noob here (aargh, auto replace), but I thought brix @ harvest was the dominant factor in -potential- alcohol percentage of the wine, if fully fermented. I think any alcohol present in the must when measuring with an optical device will affect the accuracy of the brix reading, but I didn’t think brix itself was a measure of alcohol. Am I skewed in my understandings? Agree on the RS and pH.

Cesare is 10 times better looking and is probably too smart to hang out with any of the famous ladies with the initials KK…

WOW… these fit in my lunch box… Hey Mom… no Dew today…

I’d love to try one of each, not sure I’m willing to pop for 6 of each without a taste first. But I do love the little bottles…

That never gets old…

Hey, at least Maryland now has a chance to be on the list but I guess maybe that’s worse than having no chance since you never see anyone complain about South Dakota.

Here is an informative video about brix by Goosecross Cellars.

Note: the volume level is really low so you’ll have to crank the speakers up to 11 but it’s worth it to view this useful 2 minute video.

A couple of notable CT reviews from the same reviewer.

2007 Summerland Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County (USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County) 8/25/2011 86
I think we have to classify this Pinot Noir in the “sensuous” category. It is not big and bold and jammy, but it is by no means simple, but probably a little on the thin side. It is less than medium bodied. You can easily see your 2 fingers through the glass. It is very smooth, and luscious, in a subtle way. Though not real deep, there are layers of red raspberry and black cherry fruit, backed up with a white pepper, mineral, earth, and cloves. Leaves a small amount of what I call the Burgundian taste in the mouth, for lack of a better description. They used the oak to soften and round things out, we can barely tell it is there. The tannins are slightly bitter, and this leads into the finish, which has some bitterness also. All together, a soft, balanced wine that can be sipped alone just as easily as paired with traditional Pinot Noir food choices.

2007 Summerland Chardonnay (USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County) 8/16/2009 86
My self, and the people tasting around me were only so so on this wine. Me because I prefer “real Chardonnay” , you know, ripe, barrel fermented, malolactic lees treatment, oak etc. This one does not seem to have much oak treatment or malolactic. I guess you would call this natural Chardonnay. I think the acid overpowers the fruit. I think it is bitter on the finish. The nose is very crisp and fresh with pear, pineapple with some lemon. You have to give them credit for bringing fresh fruit to the palate. Not balanced to my palate, but probably a good rendition of what they intended.

Here comes the balsamic!!!

Yes, hopefully only 15 more minutes until the Balsamic arrives. I hope!