Summerland Syrah Half-Bottle Case

Summerland Syrah Half-Bottle Case
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PRODUCT: 12 2005 Paso Robles Syrah 375ml
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These little guys will be great for holiday baskets. You can easily put something together with these like a jar of preserves or spread, bagette, pasta, olives, crackers, etc. and make a nice gift for co-workers or holiday party host.

The winemaker’s website information on this wine. Different size bottle.

That appears to actually be a different Syrah…same winery, different vineyard.

Here are the cellartracker notes on the actual wine. Nothing to write home about.

in for one - or a half – or something…

Everything from Paso Robles is goood!
Just stuck on the half case thing.
I’m 6’1 215lbs these are like sippy cups on a Friday night.
Maybe Juice box fits better.

Perfect size for sneaking into the movies with a bottle in each sock and pairs beautifully with Sno-Caps! Try not to give yourself away by walking like a penguin though, ok?

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Drink between: 2007 - 2009

How about some winery input?

LOL… Picturing a big guy carrying one of these around the house in sweats with a little straw in it.

Morning all…

I just had one of these little bottles open over the weekend and it’s drinking nicely.

We had Summerland’s 05 Bien Nacido X Block Syrah here on Woot a couple of months ago, and it was big and dark, with quite a bit of kick. This Syrah, from the same vintage, has 10% Bien Nacido fruit, but the bulk of the juice comes from French Camp Vineyard in Paso Robles. It’s lighter/smoother/mellower. Where the Bien Nacido X Block almost needs some food, this one is an easy-drinker all by itself.


wish I had an extra $84 for this…would make great Xmas gifts for that person you just want to give SOMETHING to…

I too can think of many uses for these-sometimes you want a glass of wine but know it will be several days before you get back to that opened bottle and hate to see it turn-these are perfect for thoses times-picnics-baskets-it just goes on and on-in for one.

Exactly the reason I got it - it doesn’t have to be perfect when it’s convenient!

I would love to see more half bottle offerings for exactly that reason. During the week when the wife is out of town and you only want one glass. I would guess many wineries do not make half bottles.

They actually work for me when the wife IS in town… “No honey, I’m NOT going to open a bottle of wine on a Tuesday night. Not a WHOLE bottle anyway…” :wink:

really wish these were half bottle screw caps.

how awesomely easy would those be to carry around?

Half-bottles? I didn’t get a house with a 1000+ bottle wine cellar only to fill a full wine bottle slot with half-bottles. That’s, like, a waste of space.

Given the vintage I don’t think you’d really want to cellar these anyway. They’d make great stocking stuffers… or sock stuffers.