Summerland Syrah Half-Bottle Case

Perfect as the cooler weather is coming in… and as the only wine drinker in the house, perfect when I only want a couple of glasses. Might be the bottle I open to enjoy while Christmas gift wrapping this year :slight_smile:

I’m tempted to push that yellow button; anyone know of a price comparison woot VS store? Is this price fantastic or not.

Is it this?

[QUOTE=hlkruck, post:23, topic:332206]
Is it this?

Wow, a savings of $47, enought to puch me over the fence, thanks.


that is PUSH, sorry.

Sucks for you. My house came with a 2,000+ bottle cellar, so this will do quite nicely to fill up the space!

What the hay…in for two!

Cellar if because of the vintage? Hell no. It’s just that there’s no way I can afford to fill it with a thousand bottles anytime soon, so for now the extra space is just taken up by beer and a cot. Y’know, in case of tornado.

I know that times are tight, but I’m not sure why anyone would waste money on a wine cellar that held anything less than 5,000 bottles and included sections dedicated to magnums and 1/2 bottles. Anything less is more like a wine cooler.

Not great. I buy it for $5 in 750mL in NorCal all the time.

The box wine quality and selection there, its got to be better than on the east coast?

With 750ml prices like that, boxed is more common in other parts of the world. Glass transport costs locally are minimal.

Or are boxes only considered for swill or party wines in NorCal?

Had one in South Africa, and one from Washington state which were good qpr.