Summerland Trio 2007 Rhone Blend - 3 Pack

Yes, but not too frequently - was the last offering around new years? Check out the blog and start clicking older to find out, or search.

Sparkling yes, true champagne I have not seen. It is far between and too few with the bubbles. I get lots of Iron Horse from here and I have seen some other sweeter style proseccos and an asti. If I can recall, did I see a cava here too? Anyway, not enough of the brut, crisp, clean bubbles around.

lol I like this idea. A lass with a true appreciation of the finer things in life is always rendered hotter as a result.

I just ordered a 90 pt. Prosecco from for $12.99 (last bottle they had, sorry) and have previously ordered Moscato d’Asti (375ml) from them for $10.99. I stumbled onto them during a woot offer for '08 Bodegas M Tempranillo and they had the '07 vintage for a ridiculous $5.99. Just drank a bottle recently and it was probably the best QPR I’ve ever lucked into. Foolishly, I only bought 2 bottles as part of a mixed case.

They list 89 Sparklers in their current inventory, a few of which are on sale.

Do you have a picture of a glass of this wine on a 10” King Memory Foam Ventilation System Mattress, with a bowling ball being dropped on said mattress?

Well, it took me long enough to decide, but wine this good at this price - AND from a wine maker who jumps through my state’s ridiculous hoops to be able to ship here … well, I just had to jump.

In for one, and glad there’s still some available. Wish I could spring for two or three!

…enjoy. I first tried this one last year before I started seeking out Woot wines. I loved it for its lively layers of fruit/spice/chocolate. I think I paid $40 for it too, this is a nice price for sure.

How is it better than the other offering?

The '05 Syrah is an approachable, easy-drinker with persistent, bright Paso fruit and expected pepper notes.

The Trio, quite frankly, has a lot more going’ on. The Grenache and Mourvedre add a wide array of red to black fruit and layers of texture.

There are some quality CdP inspired GSMs coming out of SB County these days, and this is one of them.

By the way, winemaker Etienne mentioned Alta Mesa Vineyards as a fruit source. That fruit tends to end up in some pretty good bottles.

Better vintage ('07 vs '05) and only 49% Syrah. While I have no personal experience with Summerland wines, from nosing around their website and the internet it seems like they have had some big hits and some big misses. This one appears to be a big hitter.

Decided to open a bottle of this tonight and just wanted to share my thoughts. I am not much of a writer or am I very good at describing what I taste or smell. I just wanted to say that I am enjoying this very much. I think it is smooth and goes down great.

Just 2 cents worth…