Summerland Trio 2007 Rhone Blend

Day 3 is almost over and I’ve only made one purchase this whole woot off. Unless wine.woot comes up with truly too good to pass up offer, I’ll be really proud of myself :wink:

Summerland Trio 2007 Rhone Blend
$67.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 2007 Summerland Trio Rhone Blend
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Winery: 2007 Rhone Blend
Retail: $35
Club Price: $28


[edit 2 minutes later…]
Oops. Cesare posted deets.

Really?? I have made 8 Buys since Monday, BUT I’m a red guy

Dude do you EVER sleep??? :slight_smile:

This seems like a really nice wine. Good year for the varietals too. Not so good of a deal.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Cesare is a wootbot.

“He” is actually an android app.

Another previous offer Jan 23, 2012

I’m a red guy too, but do like dry dry whites. Between not being near a computer much and price points that just haven’t been all that special. That combination has made it easy for me. Oh, and I already have about 50 bottles I don’t have room for.

I’ve barely unpacked mine. Anyone cracked one of these yet?

Any chance we can get the Tallulah GSM squeezed in before the end of this Woot-off?

Yeah! My credit card is standing by now!

If the Tallulah bald mountain ranch Syrah comes up (at >$20 btl) I will buy my quota and be making up fake handles to buy more… ItsTHAT GOOD… And I’m no schill

Uh oh… looks like the end of the woot off!