Summerland Winery Red Sampler - 4 Pack

Summerland Winery Red Sampler - 4 Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 2007 Summerland Trio Rhone Blend (Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre)
1 2007 Summerland Paso Robles Grenache
1 2008 Summerland Paso Robles Zinfandel
1 2007 Summerland French Camp Vineyard Zinfandel Paso Robles
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Labrat report on the French Camp Zin:

Very light red-purplish color. Almost pinot noir light. On the nose, stewed dark fruit, lots of alcohol, and some other chemical note mixed in. Something like acetone or some other similar compound. No oak or any oak associated notes.

This tastes light and hot. Light bodied and hot from alcohol. (14.5 on the label, 14.2 on the main page, 15.2 on the winery website!?) I also get a slight sparkling feel but you can’t actually see it in the glass. Also lots of acid. Oh yeah and some fruit, I would say past raisin and more like prune. Not jammy and not a fruit-bomb. Can’t really pick out much more than that. Short finish.

This “reminds me” of a zin, at least it starts off that way when you smell it but the taste is not really what you expect. It’s an ok wine, not undrinkable, just not great. Three of us finished the bottle and it was decent with the grilled chicken we had but I wouldn’t pair it with anything bigger than that. An ok summer drinker I guess. Maybe chilled? Compared to the Hahn cab franc (not a fair comparison but it was the last wine I had) the Hahn was much better. Also, I wouldn’t hold this too long.
Curious to see what the other rats think of the other wines.

If you are on your way to Santa Barbara this is the first winery that you’ll come across which is probably why we stopped and tried it.
I visited their tasting room in summer 09’ and can’t say I really enjoyed anything I tried.

Although at the time I was a very new to wine so maybe I should give them another shot.

40% off the winery site without comparing shipping on all four bottles. So its a good discount, the trio goes for $35 by itself.

Also, the 07’ zin. has terrible CT notes. (interested to see what Labby Cesare has to say about it.)


Paso Robles Zinfandel

First impressions
Right out of the bottle
Screw top, it does not bother me one bit. In fact I like screw tops for wine that is ready to drink now.
Color is light, not rose light but more sangiovese/pinot color. Wife said if she didn’t know what it was she would have guessed sangiovese based on the color
Nose- FRUTY, distinctively raspberry and cherry. Making me nervous this is going to be a fruit bomb.
First taste- totally not what I expect. There is a quick hit of spice then the red fruits linger after the swallow. Going to let it open up a bit and come back.
Had it with pasta and a peppery mushroom sauce. It did not pair well. This wine is too light for the pepper. Pizza or pasta with a light sauce would be much better.
After dinner
The wine has been open for 2 hours. Getting a distinct black licorice with the red fruit. The spice has decreased.
Overall impression
This is not a big red meat zin. It is a zin perfect for a light casual dinner on a nice summer night.

When was the 2008 Paso Robles Zinfandel harvested and what were the brix?

What’s up with the two CT tasting notes on the 2007 French Camp Zin? Can the winery explain why the two tasters got a fritz or a fizz sensation?

Looks like this may be a real mixed bag. The 07 Summerland Trio got an average of 90.5 points on Cellar Tracker, but the Zinfandel got hammered and 75!). Wow, so you get a Lexus and a Yugo, how about the Grenache?

Looks like the Grenache got pretty low reviews on Cellar Tracker too: So the question begs, is the deal worth while if only one of the 3 wines appears good? Wonder if the CT reviews on the Zin were an anomaly. Will wait till more lab rats weigh in although comments like this from CT, …“but I will probably take my other bottle to a party rather than keeping it for myself”, probably won’t change my mind. No Trigger Pull for this baby!

Hi Everybody,

Etienne Terlinden winemaker for Summerland winery here.
Im getting ready to do some vineyard sampling tomorrow morning on some Sauvignon blanc. Its getting realy close to harvest time. I hope it gets a little warmer to help the vines develope a little more flavor or phenolic maturity.

The wine was meant to be drunk with a some hi tones on CO2 to lift the pallet. Its a fruity wine that is best served slightly chilled. If the wine is served too warm the CO2 will be more apparent. The wine is unfined or filtered and does not travel well.
In our tasting room where we control the way the wine is presented it gets a nice following.

The 08 Paso Zin was picked the third week of September at above 24 brix. This Zin is actuallay Primotivo clone and is lighter in style than your typical California Zin. Its more like a southern Italian style wine, light and fruity. We say Zin on the label because the TTB was still confused on the whether Zinfandel and Primotivo was one in the same. Although we know now that is not true.

I hope you give it another shot. Come to our wine club partty on September 10th and I will taste some new releases with you. Cheers, Etienne

Lab Rat Report

2007 Summerland – Trio

First a quick note about the condition of the bottle. Although it arrived here in New Hampshire in seasonably cool and wonderful weather at the end of last week, the weekend was very warm and humid and by the time I actually uncorked the bottle on Monday evening, the cork was kind of spongy. I can’t say if it was like this upon arrival, or if the mid/upper-80s temp, super humid conditions and the fact that it traveled several different places over the weekend had anything to do with it, but wanted to note that going forward there might have been a storage issue. No indication of any air infiltration with this bottle, however.

We opened the bottle Labor Day evening at a neighborhood dinner party with six enthusiastic volunteer tasters. I think it is a bit problematic trying to taste a wine at an event with more than 2, 3 or at most 4 people, but the hectic life of a Lab Rat sometimes just doesn’t offer any alternatives!

First impressions (and for that matter all impressions from then on) were universally positive. Color is very dark to the point of almost being opaque. Strong legs and while from the start the aroma hinted to the wine’s complexity, it didn’t give a lot away early on. Some of the specific comments included:

  • really nice, warm, taste really stays with you;
  • very full, Syrah fullness comes through, full and deep, dry and rich and nice after taste;
  • very, very smooth and really complements the smoked Gouda appetizer.

We started tasting this wine too soon and that was clear as it just got better and better as it settled and breathed and by the time it was probably most ready to drink, we didn’t have much left to go around! The aroma from the glass and the complexity of the taste kept getting richer. Several of us still had some in our glasses when the pizza and salads were served and given how well this wine complemented a slice of pepperoni/sausage pizza with a good sprinkling of red pepper flakes, it’s clear that it would be really good with a slower paced, better balanced meal.

When we switched over to the everyday pinot noir the difference was immediate and noticeable. The subtle strength of the Trio contrasted with the much more jarring taste of the less complicated wine. A very nice wine. Thanks, wine.woot!

Then how is it supposed to get to my door without being swill? Also, without being a chemist, I don’t understand why warmth would affect CO2 of a wine? A cold can of pop has the same amount of carbonation as a warm one, from my non-scientific study. If anything, I would posit that warmth would make the fizz less apparent, but that is just conjecture.

I got so excited for this after reading the CT reviews of 90, and then it just fell off. I can’t really chalk it up to an anomoly that two different CT reviews point to flaws in the wine. Cesare’s review was quite tempered, and I get the feeling that “ok” in this context means “the same as stuff I can find on the bottom shelf of the supermarket.”

The CO2 that is not statying in solution has something to do with Boils Law. Have you ever opend a warm can of coke and noticed that it was realy active. When a liquid is cool it will retain more disolved gasses.
I like to serve the wine at 50F and decant it. The the fizz is less aparent but is still there to lift the pallet. The CO2 also gives some acid balance in the form of carbonic acid. It also preserves the fruitiness of the wine
Cheers, Etienne

I think all my children are amazing in their little way. Each wine has a prticular way it should be presented and paired with food. The Zins go well will light meats and the Trio with hard cheese and steak.
I hope you will give all a try.

I think that’s Boyle’s Law - but that states that at constant temperature for a fixed mass, the absolute pressure and the volume of a gas are inversely proportional. What you’re referring to are the notions that (1) as temperature of the wine increases, the pressure of the CO2 also increases, and (2) the higher the temperature, the less of the gas stays in solution.

I can’t figure out why one would want a non-sparkling wine to have any carbonation. Especially in a red wine. I can see this happening accidentally with secondary fermentation in bottle, but intentionally, I just don’t get it.

Its a simple case of trying to make lemonade. :wink: