Summerland Winery


Summerland Winery Summer Whites 6-Pack
$76.99 (Normally $114.00) 32% off List Price
2008 Pinot Gris, Santa Barbara County 750ml 3-Pack
2009 Pinot Blanc Santa Barbara County 750ml 3-Pack

Summerland Winery Grenache-Zinfandel Mix 6-Pack
$79.00 (Normally $120.00) 34% off List Price
2008 Zinfandel, Paso Robles 750ml 3-Pack
2007 Grenache, Paso Robles 750ml 3-Pack

Summerland Winery Pinot Noir Collection 3-Pack
$79.99 (Normally $125.00) 36% off List Price
2008 Pinot Noir, Solomon Hills Vineyard, Santa Maria Valley
2007 Pinot Noir, Rancho Santa Rosa Vineyards
2008 Pinot Noir, Wolff Vineyard Edna Valley

Summerland Winery 2007 Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir Half-Bottle 12-Pack
$99.99 (Normally $144.00) 31% off List Price
2007 Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara County 375ml
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Morning North! Thanks for stepping in here! :slight_smile:

I tastes through this winery a couple years ago and was not impressed by their wines or the experience. Of course, the experience could have tainted my perception of the wines. These are obviously different wines than I tasted back then, but for what it’s worth, we didn’t buy a single bottle.

I would be hesitant to buy anything from the vineyard becuase of experience with the dessert wine offered a few months ago. I was extremely disappointed. I know I should not judge based on this one event, but it is difficult to get over that hurdle.

Looks like we’re going to need some convincing - has anyone tried these specific wines and would like to share what they thought?

(No shills, please.)

While I would like very much to like this winery, there are several things working against it here in this offering.

  1. The CT reviews on all of these wines just aren’t all that great. Two of the Pinots have decent ratings, but other than that I see average or below average scores.

  2. Summerland has been offered here on woot on a number of occasions and I don’t believe I have ever seen any winery participation (maybe an occasional marketing person?). That usually is not a great sign, as well as the fact that I don’t usually see much in the way of positive comments from wooters.

  3. While the prices aren’t bad, based on the above comments, there isn’t much in the way of perceived QPR on these wines.

I have tried the late harvest Viognier that was offered on woot in the past few months and did not think it to be a bad wine. It was not the best I have had, and did not compare to Kent Rasmussen’s version, however, I did not expect it to. It was a decent wine for the $9 it cost, but I wouldn’t have spent retail on it.

Sorry to here that. Come up to the winery some time and taste from our barrels. I will try to make up your bad experience. A positive vibe is I want my wines to be associated with.



Thank you for coming by and joining us!

Every Woot event we have been part of I have been posting and replying. Im not the marketing guy but the winemaker. Although I always get pulled from my cellar duties to do marketing.

The late harvest Viognier is from Paradise Road vineyard and has a pineapple cake like note. I have been a fun of it with the right dessert. Try a good pairing and it will show well.



Dont throw the baby with bath water. We make some wines from great vineyards with scores to prove the quality.
The late harvest viognier should be paired and sipped with the right dessert. In our tasting room in Summerland the feedback on the late harvest Viognier has been very positive.



Jumping in to offer my shill-y thoughts…

I’ve long been a fan of Summerland, having discovered them early in my wine journey.

I haven’t tried every single one of their wines so I can’t speak to all of the CT scores.

I can say that I really dig all of the Pinots in this offer… the 3 vineyard designate Pinots are tasty, high-quality wines, each a shining example of the region from where they come. I recently poured the Wolff/Edna Valley bottle alongside a bottle of Summerland Bien Nacido Pinot and there were smiling faces all round the table and the bottles were drained quickly.

I also like their rhone program… we offered the ‘Trio’ rhone blend here as well as the Bien Nacido X block Syrah… Holy smokes… that Syrah patted me on the head and rocked me to sleep.Their Central Coast collection (including today’s Grenache and Zin) deliver good QPR, IMHO, especially at Woot prices.

…and winemaker Etienne is a skilled winemaker and an overall good dude. He’s a busy guy, but has almost always made himself available during non-woot-off Summerland offerings.

my 2 cents, take for what it’s worth…

Hah, you know what I mean! :slight_smile: Thank you for adding your thoughts!

Thanks! Check is in the mail.


If by check you mean Bien Nacido X Block Syrah or Fiddlestix Pinot, that’s fine.

Or perhaps some selections from your own label, Cordon?–cheers-champagne-wine-smiley-emoticon-000272-medium.gif

In spite of my negative experience a couple years ago, and my resulting reticence to buy your wine, I appreciate you jumping in here and talking with us.

Come a visit me at the winery some time.