Summit Lake Winery Howell Mountain Estate Red 2+1 Pack

Summit Lake Winery Howell Mountain Estate Red 2+1 Pack

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1 2006 Emily Kestrel Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon
2 2006 Summit Lake Howell Mountain Zinfandel

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So we all know 2005 was great and so is 2007 for the most part, but how does 2006 fit in for these specific wines?

Did anyone else notice how late the new deal went up?

Wow, only 306 cases of the Cab made.

Seemed on time to me. The twitter notice got posted exactly at midnight at least.

Love the labels!

Agree, the labels are penguinrific.

Well according to the CT values this is an excellent deal. According to my not double checked math this is worth north of $90

This is from the winery website regarding the Cabernet:

“One of our best vintages ever, the 2006 is medium-bodied and well structured, with a chewy texture and robust, yet approachable tannins. This wine has tightly focused aromatics of cedar, tea leaf, white pepper, dried cherry and rhubarb, and ripe flavors including raspberry, black cherry and cranberries with a lasting finish of dense plum and toffee.”

Ooh, Howell Mountain! Tempting. I will wait for more info, though. Is there rattage on Tuesday offerings?

This is one of my favorite vintages of Cab that we have made. A great example of mountain fruit~

Hi Wooters~
I am so excited to have our wine with woot. I will be online for a while if there are any questions let me know!

So it says it will age gracefully for the next 20 years–do you recommend waiting at least a few years then, or is this ready for drinking now?

rpm would say drink soonish, as this is a classic ripe Napa cab, and Zins are rarely for keeping). Therefore IMHO. annd given the descriptions given above, expect an International-style high-Parker-scoring Napa cab with plenty of chewiness in the mouth and dense fruit-forward flavours, but which will not age like a more subtle old-world-style Cab. Still, if it’s a godo one it might give you ten years or so.

Thank you, we love our labels too. The Zin label is one my mom picked out and sent to the printer without showing anyone. And the Cab label was done by a family friend for Emily, the first grand daughter of the family.

for most CA makers I’ve seen over the past year or so on woot, and talking to one or two others, 06 was a pretty good year, generally a little more fruit-forward and not as “great” as the other two you mention, and probably drinking a little younger than the others. Still a tasty year by all accounts.

Great! TA, pH and Brix harvested? :smiley:

Edit: I see Brix is 26% which is high, as expected from a chewy tasty Napa Cab. You have TA and pH figs?

Love to hear some tasting info on the Zin too!

No rattage. The only rattage is for the deal that goes up on Fridays. Though if you buy this (on any other offering for that matter) you are eligible to rat the upcoming Friday offering, assuming you are duly registered and have been assimilated.

Personally, I would like to see the Friday stay up a bit longer - to give more time for the rats 6o check in and for wooters to decide.

Is this Zin just another berry bomb I could procure for under $10, or is it something more complex?

The one thing I’ve always loved about buying Zin is that there is some super delicious stuff out there for very reasonable prices. I used to love Zin because it was one of the only wines I could really “taste”, but now that my palate has evolved I like it for much different reasons.

Also-- where is the winery? Do you have tastings?