Summit Lake Winery Howell Mountain Estate Red 2+1 Pack

Summit Lake Winery Howell Mountain Estate Red 2+1 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
1 2006 Emily Kestrel Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon
2 2006 Summit Lake Howell Mountain Zinfandel

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I bought this last time. I liked them. I drank one of each before I started taking notes, so I’m really no help.

And I doubt I’m going to open the second bottle of zin before this sells out.

What?!?!?! No Louisiana AGAIN!!!???

And no Georgia this time… maybe that’s a good thing for my CC.

Then again, at the rate that this is selling…

Well… in for one. Wanted two different offers today that I just waited too long on so might have jumped the gun on this one. I figured that if I went for it and finally pressed that big button a mixed case would actually come on… lets wait and see!

Yes, you’re right. Something is off a bit here.

Last I checked, today was Wednesday.
Been that way all day.

Running out of writeups, eh, Woot?

So how is it both wines were harvested at 26 brix, but the Cab is 14.3% ABV and the Zin is 15.6%. I doubt we’ll get winemaker participation but it just makes me curious.

The woot-off drought that started at Ty Caton PS has ended. I needed some more Zin and a cab addition is welcome. In for 1!

Me, too. Looks like the woot-off is ova.

After the fact posting, but I got this last time it was up, and have had both the zin and the cab. The cab was good - fruity and new worldy (though not overwhelmingly so); relatively balanced for what it was (it was the 2nd bottle of a 2 bottle evening, so past that my palate probably isn’t very useful).

The zin we tried was spoiled; not sure what was wrong with it - no cork taint, but severely disjointed grape cough syrup flavors. It was poured down the drain after my girlfriend (now fiance) and I tried a few sips and decided something was very, very wrong. Haven’t opened the 2nd of the two zins to see if it’s any better.

Has anyone gotten shipping confirmation yet? It’s been almost two weeks.