Sun Joe 10-inch Electric Chain/Pole Saw

Sun Joe 10-inch Electric Chain/Pole Saw

I bought this this saw recently and just want to say that it was a great buy. I’ve used it on several trees and I figure its already paid for itself. Worked as it should, the chain stays tight (my regular chain saw needs to be tightened frequently) If you are on the fence on this one, I don’t think you will be disappointed.


Missing bit of information, what is the length of the pole extended and collapsed?



I got one of these too and I think it’s awesome! Top quality. It cuts limbs like butter, and it’s lightweight. No 2-cycle motor to cause aggravations from only using it every once in a while. The electric motor is plenty strong, and it’s high rpm too. Add a little 30W oil to the oiler reservoir, get out your big extension cord, and go crazy with it! I dropped so many low-lying and dead stuff, I needed help on that hot day to take it all away! Totally worth the little price.


Bought this a couple months ago. It rocks! Made short work of trimming up our trees, and taking down saplings and smaller volunteer trees that appeared in our field over the years. This one is a no brainer.

One tip: resist the occasional urge (or fatigue) to twist the saw during a cut to alter direction etc. You’ll run the risk of derailing the chain. Easy enough to remedy but it takes time.


I’ll parrot what others say that this is worth the $65. I paid that for a refurb a couple years ago and it’s still going strong.

Also want to add that SunJoe customer service is great. I bought another product (from Woot) and contacted them for some missing parts. They had me squared away and even contacted me afterward to make sure I got everything put together and working.

Definitely recommend this product and most of SunJoe’s products.


Parroting the rest of the comments - it’s been a great tool, just make sure to buy the chain oil beforehand, or you won’t be out cutting limbs as soon as the package arrives.


Do you have to plug it in, Or is it battery powered? Hoping I can buy a spare battery.

It uses a power cord - your own extension cord. The manual is linked in the features.

Yeah, some people like to move the bar in a cutting motion too. That never helps. Just let it sit and apply force by its own weight. The chain will do the cutting.

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