Sun Joe 10-Inch Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw

You use this to get a pole cat down from a tree?

$88 on the mothership…Pretty good reviews, too. Just not sure about only having the 90 day Woot! warranty…

Seems like a funny category of device to offer in such a wide array of colors.

There are some very funny people out there who like weird colors!

I bought one the last time they were on Woot. It works very well and the blade is super sharp. This uses standard bar and chain oil for chain saws. After using it I noticed the blade was dry. I called Sun Joe and was told their saws release a tiny amount of oil compared to other saws.

These are about half the price from the last time they were offered. Does it come with the battery and charger? Couldn’t find it in the ad. Maybe thats why they’re so cheap? Battery is $100 without charger on Amazon.

I believe it runs off a power cord, 120v, and not a battery.

Correct, these are electric.

Technically, anything running of a battery is “electric”, too :slight_smile:

It runs off AC via a cord you plug into a wall outlet.

Good thing the pole is long, or I’d cut my arm off… Now, I could only cut someone elses arm off.

You little optimist, you

Buying the pink camo one so it won’t get borrowed.

That’s the one I bought last time… works great! who cares what color it is.

Good to know! I’ve used it a bit and noticed that as well.

But the cord is only one foot long.

I got thrown out of the local Lowe’s when I grabbed one of these and shouted, “TWO MEN ENTER! ONE MAN LEAVES!”

That’s standard with outdoor tools like this. My blower doesn’t even have a cord.

Or you have really trimmed trees a foot from your wall plug. :tongue:

You must have a nice clean area around each outlet. . . unless the blower points up or sideways.