Sun Joe 10-Inch Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw

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Sun Joe 10-Inch Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw
Price: $56.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, May 31 to Thursday, Jun 01) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Got one on the last woot - so far, it’s a BEAST! Lightweight enough that I can use it, and doesn’t seem to struggle getting through the hemlock I’ve been sectioning. Cuts fast. The oil doesn’t seem to be flowing like expected, but read that this is a low-oil model. Streets ahead of any manual pole saw I’ve tried, and much better than I expected given the price point.

Woot hopefully has worked with the supplier on the packaging, as this arrived in a pretty mushy dinged up “box” that had no integrity. Other wooters lost their blade package - I was lucky and mine arrived intact, but something to be aware of.

I bought one of these a month ago. First use and the bar oiler didn’t work. Emailed the refurbisher per the instructions and have not heard back. Emailed Woot and feel I was blown off. Needed it to clear storm damage so I took it to a local shop for repair. Now the oiler has stopped working again. Stuck with a piece of junk. Buyer beware!

I got this on the last Woot & was so stoked! I’ve got a bunch of trees on my property and this was perfect. Then it arrived. I was among many that posted on here that ran into issues. The refurb company failed. There were many different issues from the way they packaged/shipped with people not getting the full item to mechanical issues to other problems. PROCEED WITH CAUTION! I ended up with an extendable trimmer/saw from Lowes. IT works great.!

I bought one of these last month as well. It arrived without the saw (no bar, no chain). Odd that I was told there was no stock available for a replacement, yet here they are again. At least my refund was processed quickly.

Agreed, proceed with caution.

I bought one two sales ago. Mine wasn’t oiling the bar (search YouTube and you’ll find numerous videos about it). I contacted Sun Joe and got a quick reply. They sent me an advance replacement saw - a new one - and a prepaid shipping label to return the old one. Great customer service. I haven’t had a chance to try the new one yet, but it looks perfect. Of note, they included a bottle of bar and chain oil that’s unlike any I had seen before. It’s clear and flows like cooking oil. I’m used to chain oil that’s like honey. So I’d say go for it and it you have issues contact Sun Joe directly.

Edited to add that the first saw I got cut great and really got the job done, despite the oil issue.

In this video the saw is is branded Chicago Electric, but you’ll recognize it as the exact saw being sold by Sun Joe. See how this guy fixes the oil issue. Harbor Freight Chicago Electric Portland Pole Saw Oil Pump Repair Mod Fix - YouTube

Final edit: I just went out and cut some branches with the new saw from Sun Joe. Worked perfectly and it’s putting out oil.

I ordered this last month and was sent a pole basically WITHOUT the chain saw. NO chain included and no cutting bar to hold the non-existent chain, just a pole with a motor that I do not even know works. Needless to say, the item is pretty useless to me in its present form.

As others have pointed out, the third party does not answer for replacement parts. Woot’s solution was to tell me that I am free to order and pay for a new item now that it is for sale again, but they’ll waive the shipping costs. So I’ve been totally screwed for the original purchase price, and asked to buy another one from Woot again.

So I’m done with Woot. It was good while it lasted, but it’s all fun and games until someone loses something involving a chain saw.

Got mine in the last batch, my oiler works fine, so long as you keep it level so gravity can feed the pump.

Overall it works great, no problems. My only real gripe is that it doesn’t extend far enough for my needs. Granted, it’s a bear to manhandle at full extension, but I still wish it would extend higher, so I can trim off more of the little branches that hang down from my big oak tree.


The colors almost make them look like a child’s toy.

Also, mine came with the chain, bar, a plastic protector to put over the chain and bar when not in use, and a wrench for adjusting the tension and tightening the bar clamp. Only thing that wasn’t included was bar oil, which I got from the hardware store.


It is a little disturbing that woot has remained silent while their reputation is on the line. I’ll use my CC that doubles the warranty and have a lot of work for this saw the moment it arrives so I will either be an advocate or a detractor depending on the experience. Not expecting the world out of it and thickest branch is probably 4", so the bar is set low for this.

BTW, on Sun Joe, they have two user manuals for this model. One for new and one for refurbished. Sort of sad that woots link takes you to their site but you have to put in the model number and pick the correct model which is SWJ803E-RM.

Customer Service, pay your phone bill just in case.

I’ve looked into the issues that customers are reporting, and I’m now waiting to hear back from customer service about the way some of these situations were handled. I prefer not to make comments on issues until I have definitive answers. Thanks for understanding.

I would love to know if all the issues with packaging and missing/malfunction parts been addressed and improved upon. This would be a nice tool to have. Just seems risky.

Let us know before they ship, getting late. If the issues were not resolved, it would be better just to cancel my order.

My concern was with some of the reported customer service responses which seemed inadequate. Alas, I have not heard anything back from them about the subject, and it’s looking doubtful that I’ll have more details by tonight.

If there were multiple issues with missing parts and insufficient shipping containers I’m sure the Tools team would have raised these concerns with the vendor. It’s also possible that this product is being offered to us through a different channel than it was previously. Unfortunately I don’t have access to that information.

I’m sorry I cannot provide more concrete assurances about this offer, especially considering the limited time.

Well, I should have taken the wooter’s caution to heart. woot really didn’t do anything different than what they did last time I guess. A box has SIX sides, mine had 5 plus some tape to make a sixth sided window? Missing the bar and chain and no idea if the thing would even work if it did. Going back to woot.

The hassle factor here is pretty bad. Not sure I even trust NEW items anymore from woot!

Dropped off by UPS around 3pm, spoke with CS (much better these days), REBUILT THE BOX, picked back up by UPS around 5pm.

I also received one with missing chain and cutting bar. Useless!!!

They did the same thing to me. No

Chain no cutting bar or tool to attach it with. Now have to wait two days to hear back from them about what they are going to do about it.