Sun Joe 11" 2.0-Amp 20V Cordless String Trimmer+Edger

While I can’t speak to this product exactly I own two SunJoe mowers and they’re both really fun to use, light weight and easy.

We’re going on our second year with them and it’s really nice never to have to worry about oil, spark plugs or gasoline. I bought the first one thinking that it’d be enough for 1/2 the yard but unfortunately my backyard is too big and the grass is too thick so I bought a second.

We’ve actually considered getting a SnowJoe snow blower as well but haven’t yet.

This is a good company from my experience.

Is the battery and charger included?

According to answered questions on Amazon, it does:

Battery and charger are not included in the stats or description section. Unless someone from STAFF confirms they are included, assume otherwise.

I agree.

Can we get a clarification, please?

I’m interested if the battery and charger are part of the sale.

I agree with the other comments. If you have to buy a battery and charger separately for this, then it is no longer such a good deal. If the battery and charger are included, I might be interested.

Also a potential buy in based off of the battery/charger question. Thanks!

I have a small cordless mower and snowblower from them. Both have been great. I had purchased the snowblower for those times when there wasn’t really enough snow to warrant dragging out the “big boy” gas blower. Well, the big boy had mechanical issues and SnowJoe attacked 8" of snow on a two car driveway with aplomb despite having to fight way above its weight class. I would recommend anything from this company, including this trimmer which I am purchasing.

The silence is deafening here Woot. How about an answer as to whether the battery and charger are included please?

We’ve asked the vendor. We’re waiting to hear back. :\

UPDATE: We have confirmed that it comes with the battery.

The manual indicates that it comes with the battery and charger.

I’m looking to get away from gas lawn equipment & this looks like a good start. I hope I remember to check back later to see if the charger comes with it. That’s the only thing stopping me from getting this!

Snow Joe Snow Blower…say THAT 5 times fast…:wink:

Thank you for getting back to us. Does that mean you are still waiting for confirmation that that charger is included, as well?

We got confirmation. BOTH ARE INCLUDED!


Better deal?

Thanks! I just ordered this.

Is this the brand that requires you buy their refills instead of just rewinding the spool?

After experiencing a 56 volt ego trimmer I wouldn’t dare go with something like this but I suppose for minimal trimming it’s probably ok. No Fussing with gas is fantastic though.

Here’s a link to the manufacturer for more information