Sun Joe 24V Power Cleaner Bundle

Sun Joe 24V Power Cleaner Bundle

Hi, I was thinking about getting this the last time it appeared on here. Anyone chime in if its worth nearly $100? Does it work as it should any issues with dispensing soap ect.?

I don’t know about any issues. However, the battery only lasts 12-15 minutes - the description does say “for quick jobs” so keep that in mind. I also thought about getting it until I read that.

12-15 minutes is good for a quick cleaning job…but that is it. Perhaps more useful are the attachments. I already have a Sun Joe power washer. I’m wondering if the attachments could be used on other Sun Joe products.

After asking here I actually read most of the reviews on Amazon about it. Most say the 12-15 minutes is conservative and some get up to a hour or more of use. I believe that relies upon the pressure of use.

And the size of the job at hand.

Agreed. I went ahead and bought it. Hope I’ll be pleased with its performance.

you’ll soon see why you can’t trust those reviews.

12 minutes of battery power???

I hope your wrong.

Any idea how this compares with the Worx 20v tool? I know I can get spare or replacement batts if needed with Worx.