Sun Joe 24V Power Cleaner Bundle

Sun Joe 24V Power Cleaner Bundle

12 minutes of run time? Wow

Don’t waste your time especially your money reading reviews about this SunJoe product. I’ll save you the frustration. I was warned prior to purchasing not to buy. I didn’t listen. The device ultimately would run than i would not use it. When I attempted to run it again after hand washing a section. It wouldn’t run. I constantly had to remove the battery and leave it out for some time, reinsert battery and turn water back on to get it to work again. Maybe I had a lemon or there is some sort of safety shut down. That if the hose leaks water near battery it won’t let it turn on. Either way the pressure wasn’t really much more than any garden hose with a good jet stream nozzle. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED NOT TO BUY!

I bought this to wash my car. It was a HUGE disappointment. I’ve been hand washing my cars for years and I thought this might speed the process up. It actually made it take longer because I had to go back and REWASH with a sponge to get all the dirt off. I wash my cars about every 2 weeks so it was not exceptionally dirty. I would NOT recommend it for this use.

Thank you for warning me :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Dang, I read this to late. Hope mine works.

I would not expect much depending on if the water is readily available or not. This likely would determine your complete outcome. As if using the bucket mode which I never attempted may actually come in handy. Those connecting to a consistent water source shouldn’t expect much.

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