Sun Joe 40-Volt Cordless Pole Chain Saw, 8"

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Sun Joe 40-Volt Cordless Pole Chain Saw, 8"
Price: $149.99
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For the hard to reach clowns

Is the charger included with this item, or just the battery and the charger is additional cost?

Is there even a battery included?
all it says is:
In the Box:

(1) Sun Joe iON8PS 40-volt Cordless Telescoping Chain Saw, 8-Inch, 4-Amp

They do sell these “core tool” only. Need to know if battery and charger are included.

The first bullet point in the feature list is:

“40 V 4.0 Ah EcoSharp ® rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 40 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime”

If I were ordering one, this would assure me that I was getting a battery – not sure about the charger, but it would be odd if they provide a battery but not a changer.

It might assure you but I would not assume anything. Looking at the prices of these online other places with battery and charger makes me think they are not included. I rest assured that someone from WOOT will give us a definitive answer.

Might want to check to see if this is about to become a discontinued item. I got a Greenworks 40v pole saw a while back and the battery died about a year later. Went searching for a battery only to discover the battery was more than the whole pole saw system I got from Woot and the Greenworks was “upgraded” to the Greenworks Max which isn’t backwards compatible.
I just bought a 120v A/C pole saw, which was half the price of the GW 40v battery.
If you don’t plan on doing trimming in remote areas without electricity, just get the corded pole saw. Just something to consider, IMO.

Looks like this is available from Walmart for $72.

Searching shows $249.99…

Not the same model. That’s the corded electric.

is there a battery included?
if so, what about a charger?
will not buy until this is answered.

Hey all! Confirmed, the charger is included.

I have the corded model and it is pretty good. Cut a lot of limbs down and didn’t have any issues. The cord did get wrapped up in some limbs so I would imagine this would be more convenient.

And the battery too?



Looks like a Ryobi Clone

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